Your favourite F1 drivers & teams: November 2011

2011 F1 season

Jenson Button, McLaren, Buddh International Circuit, 2011

Jenson Button leads the popularity contest

One of my favourite new features on the site is the ability for F1 Fanatic to pick which drivers and teams they support.

With that in mind, I’ve had a look who you’ve picked so far and compiled this look at the most popular drivers and teams on F1 Fanatic right now.

Keep in mind these figures are not set in stone – they will change as more people join in on the site and others shift their allegiances between drivers and teams.


Which drivers F1 Fanatic readers are supporting - November 2011

Which drivers F1 Fanatic readers are supporting - November 2011

  • Jenson Button is the most popular driver among F1 Fanatic readers right now. Around one in eight F1 Fanatics (12.4%) who’ve used the site since the new version was launched picked him as a driver they’re supporting.
  • Kamui Kobayashi’s third place in the list underlines his reputation as a fan favourite.
  • Robert Kubica may not have raced this year but he’s far from forgotten and well inside the top ten.
  • Despite only having entered F1 mid-season, Daniel Ricciardo already had more than 50 fans
  • Some people picked only one driver, others picked as many as ten or more
  • To find out how many people support each driver, type their name into the search box and select results for members


Which teams F1 Fanatic readers are supporting - November 2011

Which teams F1 Fanatic readers are supporting - November 2011

  • McLaren are way out in front – Having the two most popular drivers probably helps!
  • Support is spread quite evenly among the remaining teams, with Lotus a surprise third. Will they still be as popular when they become Caterham?
  • HRT and Virgin have failed to win many fans here so far.
  • To find out how many people support each team, type their name into the search box and select results for members

What year you started watching F1

Year 1950 1951 1952 1953 1954 1955 1956 1957 1958 1959 1960 1961 1962 1963 1964 1965 1966 1967 1968 1969 1970 1971 1972 1973 1974 1975 1976 1977 1978 1979 1980 1981 1982 1983 1984 1985 1986 1987 1988 1989 1990 1991 1992 1993 1994 1995 1996 1997 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011
Number of F1 Fanatics who started watching in this year 4 0 0 2 1 0 2 1 0 1 1 2 0 3 5 4 3 5 2 1 6 3 4 1 1 3 12 6 6 7 12 8 7 4 13 23 24 14 20 19 34 27 35 22 55 35 49 41 53 45 44 16 20 23 25 30 29 60 34 29 27 12

Most of us started watching F1 in the last 20 years.

But there’s plenty of F1 Fanatics whose memories stretch back far further – some even as far as the first years of the world championship.

Over to you

This is a snapshot of which drivers and teams are the most popular at the moment – but how will it look in a few months’ time? We’ll take another look at who’s earning your support again in the future.

You can change your selections at any time. Just log in and go to go to My Account > Profile > Edit > F1 teams and drivers.

Are you in the majority or minority when it comes to which drivers and teams you support? Have you changed your allegiance recently? Have your say in the comments.

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165 comments on Your favourite F1 drivers & teams: November 2011

  1. LexBlair (@lexblair) said on 5th November 2011, 21:23

    Isn´t Heidfeld missing from the fave drivers list? I mean don´t get me wrong i am not a big fan of his, but if Narain, Pedro, Karun and Robert are up there than he should be too…

  2. Thecollaroyboys (@thecollaroyboys) said on 5th November 2011, 22:28

    The viewer spike in 2007 would be largely due to Hamilton and he deserves recognition for bringinh a lot of people back to the sport. Love hime or hate him i believe he gave F1 a big boost when he came in. I see him in the same light a Tiger Woods whomis credited with a huge boost in golf support and new club memberships around the world.

    I started viewing the year before AJ won the WDC and in Australia you had to be a an insomniac to follow ever race.

  3. electrolite (@electrolite) said on 5th November 2011, 22:47

    Wow. I know it’s a British ran site and all that, people have gone on about it plenty of times before…but that Jenson Button stat is astounding.

    Good on Kobayashi!

    • UKFan (@) said on 6th November 2011, 0:09

      I think Button personality, makes him the people favourite for many reasons. I think that many people that voted on other drivers must have voted on Button cause its hard not to respect a guy that speaks honestly acts honestly and works honestly.

  4. UKFan (@) said on 6th November 2011, 0:06

    What i’ve been saying for some years at this website is finnally confirmed there are more Mclaren fans than the rest by an huge margin some poll results also back that out, Its not a surprise, Mclaren is the most successfull team in F1 during our lifes, the victories the drivers and the controversies theres no doubt that Mclaren is one of the pilars of F1, personally im just an opposite guy so I chose Ferrari to be my team, quite unusual for a brit but great rivalry.

    Obs. People may have confused Lotus and Renault some in protest or denial.

  5. Dave (@dworsley) said on 6th November 2011, 2:02

    Loving Webber in 5th. Carrrn Webbbbbbahhhh

  6. Hairs (@hairs) said on 6th November 2011, 2:15

    I’m very pleased to see Button #1. As others have pointed out, since being thrust “back into the limelight” in 2009 he’s shown some blinding talent, great races, maturity, good humour, professionalism, humanity and integrity. Yes he complains about mysterious missing grip or “front locking” in qualifying, but we all know that’s to cover his jumpy nerves – it’s not the sort of petulant whining you get from other drivers, and he doesn’t berate the team. He is a tough competitor without being a cheat or a hothead, he can run a clinical, Prost-like win where he not only knows the state of his own race, but works out what his rivals are doing and factors that in too. Equally, he can storm through the field and overtake with the best of them. He won a world championship when someone else had the fastest car overall, and had plenty of years in crap equipment which encourages those who like an underdog.

    If you had to pick a man who reminded you of the great british drivers of the 60’s like Clark, Hill, Surtees or Stewart, or the “real men” of racing from times gone by, I think he’s the only man on the grid today you’d choose.

  7. DC (@dc) said on 6th November 2011, 5:22

    Now hold on a minute. Am I missing something? How do we vote on our “favourite” driver? Is this a tally from the “Driver of the weekend”?

    I’ve always considered these two different things. I might love Kovalainen, but think Vettel did best over a weekend, for instance. For DOTW I always vote for the diver who I think did best, not the one I like the most. How does everyone else do it? Just vote for your favourite every race?

    • Aced (@) said on 6th November 2011, 9:30

      “You can change your selections at any time. Just log in and go to go to My Account > Profile > Edit > F1 teams and drivers.”

  8. F1Yankee (@f1yankee) said on 6th November 2011, 6:08

    i would have liked to seen this prior to the 2011 season. my guess: hamilton by a ton.

    • F1Yankee (@f1yankee) said on 6th November 2011, 6:25

      What year you started watching F1

      what i observe is “drama sells” but not reflecting the senna/prost era. periods of schumacher and vettel domination are bad for business.

      a request:
      could the “number of f1fanatics” mouse-over boxes include the year?

      the chart’s line seems to come in random colors?

      i started watching in 1985. and hello to our fans from the 50’s and 60’s!

  9. Dragon (@dragon) said on 6th November 2011, 10:03

    Webber got me into F1 in ’02 (more like a casual fan) and I became a hardcore never-miss-a-race fan when he jumped in a red bull in ’07. So it’s obvious he’s my favourite, there’s no better sight than a fired up Mark destroying the field, which unfortunately has been completely missing this year. But I break it down like this; I love watching Vettel’s qualifying laps, I love watching Alonso’s racecraft, I love watching Button’s ability to think out a race, and I love watching Schumi battle his way up the field. I just enjoy watching all of them (except Hamilton, and that’s due to an attitude problem more than anything else).

  10. Neil Davies (@neil-davies) said on 6th November 2011, 11:01

    I’ve been watching since the early 80’s and have gone through phases supporting various teams and drivers. These days though I don’t support one driver or one team over any other, I simply support the sport itself. 90% of the time I genuinely don’t mind who wins a race, and I don’t really mind who wins either of the championships. Maybe I’m just getting old :)

  11. Mild7nick (@mild7nick) said on 6th November 2011, 11:19


    Its probably been asked here elsewhere but how a legends section of profiles where people can pick their favourite F1 drivers of the past

  12. Jonathan189 (@jonathan189) said on 6th November 2011, 12:05

    I’ve been a Ferrari fan since 1993, but I’ve really been losing the faith these last two years.

    Alonso is an exceptional driver, but seems kind of obnoxious. Scandal follows him around like a bad smell. Massa is too often an embarrassment now: he’s been a loyal servant for many years, but I don’t really know what he is doing in a Ferrari.

    The cars haven’t been the same since Rory Byrne left. The team seems to be going back to its years of underperforming. The cars are not even as beautiful as they used to be: the ugly Santander logos everywhere are a travesty.

    So I don’t really know who to support any more. Ferrari has to sort itself out.

  13. sid_prasher (@) said on 6th November 2011, 13:16


    Just thinking – can we have charts open in a new page so that they can spread out a bit more? will make them easier to read…

  14. Joseph94 (@joseph94) said on 6th November 2011, 13:30

    AM I too late ?? Thanks.

  15. Joseph94 (@joseph94) said on 6th November 2011, 13:39

    It’s ok. I’ve worked how to vote now. I support Mercedes. I also like Mark Webber and Di Resta and Chandhok.

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