Start, Buddh International Circuit

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Start, Buddh International Circuit
Start, Buddh International Circuit

The first Indian Grand Prix was warmly received and many drivers praised the track.

Unfortunately the race itself was a bit of a dud. F1 Fanatic readers rated it 5.5 out of ten – the second-lowest score given to a race this year.

Sebastian Vettel’s 11th win of the season never looked in doubt as he controlled the Indian Grand Prix from lap one.

As with any new race, the track itself was the subject of much debate. Raj trusted the drivers’ judgement:

Probably the best people to judge the circuit are the drivers and they seem to be happy with it, so I still feel it is good circuit.

It is just that cars are not competitive enough to stick together and race. If car?s are not quick enough to catch cars which are ahead, then any kind circuit of in the world will not give exciting race.

But TdM felt the qualities that made the track a good one to drive on worked against it producing a good race:

I think it?s a good drivers’ track because they like the time trial-esque nature of its speedy corners.

It’s not good for entertainment because in the middle sector it is not easy to follow other cars closely and there is no chance of a fight. This leaves only one real overtaking chance down the back straight.

2011 average race
ratings so far

China 9.241
Canada 9.095
Germany 8.43
Hungary 8.344
Britain 7.96
Malaysia 7.775
Belgium 7.772
Monaco 7.684
Japan 7.570
Italy 7.494
Spain 7.319
Turkey 7.306
Korea 6.915
Australia 6.751
Singapore 6.390
India 5.554
Europe 3.871

Steph suggested another reason for the lack of action during the race:

The track’s lovely and the atmosphere and build up were great but the action on track… well, it didn?t exist.

If the tyre choice had been less conservative it could have been much better.

SimBri, however, was more appreciative:

It was enjoyable for me, it reminded me of some of the races in the last decade. Surely most of the people here still enjoyed F1 then, it?s just a matter of taking a different perspective.

I liked being able to take the time to really follow the timing screens and the live comments on this site.

As has often been the case this year, the discussion turned to the role played by the new rules:

I think this race showed for sure that it’s been the tyres and not DRS or KERS which have provided all the excitement this year.

Lachie was unsatisfied with midfield battles, pointing out that F1 is about competing to win:

I think people really need to sit down and think about the situation in F1 when race after race people have to plead that Petrov, Alguersuari and Buemi DRS-ing around tenth place makes for a satisfying race.

Finally, a word for the race winner. He may have reduced the first Indian Grand Prix to a procession but Sebastian Vettel’s personality continues to earn him respect and admiration:

His comments about India and the Indian people showed him to be not just a world champion but a very understanding and caring gentleman at the age of 24. My hat goes off to him.
Paul A

Do you think the Indian Grand Prix deserved to be rated so low among this year’s races? Have your say in the comments.

2011 Indian Grand Prix

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