Vitaly Petrov, Renault, Yas Marina, 2011

Drivers call DRS “a big step forward”

2011 Abu Dhabi Grand PrixPosted on | Author Keith Collantine

Vitaly Petrov, Renault, Yas Marina, 2011
Petrov: DRS fan

F1 drivers praised the Drag Reduction System, which is expected to increase overtaking at the Yas Marina circuit.

Last year’s Abu Dhabi Grand Prix became a cause celebre for the problem of overtaking in Formula 1 as Fernando Alonso lost the world championship after spending most of the race stuck behind Vitaly Petrov.

Speaking in today’s press conference Petrov admitted it would be much harder to keep Alonso behind in similar circumstances this year with DRS and the 2011-specification tyres.

The Renault driver endorsed the introduction of the moveable rear wings this year, saying: “I think that it?s definitely a big step forward.

“I think we will keep this for many years, five or ten years. I think it?s a good chance for us to overtake and good for you to write something about overtaking, so I think it?s a good step.”

Sebastien Buemi agreed, saying: “I think it?s definitely a positive.

“We?ve seen a lot more overtaking; we?ve even seen some overtaking in Monaco. It?s definitely good.

“Sometimes it feels like the DRS zone is not long enough but I definitely think it?s going to help a lot this weekend.”

2011 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

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  1. I like the DRS, it does exactly what it was designed to do.

    It helps a faster car get past a slower car. Instead of needing to be 1.5 seconds faster to get by, a car only needs to be 0.5 seconds faster to make the pass.

  2. Petrov is a fan of DRS? if Alonso had DRS last year, you cannot say such way! :D

    1. Alonso had an F-duct – which operated on the same principle, and was unrestricted in its use.

      1. @prisoner-monkeys So did Petrov.

        And from how I understand it, DRS is about reducing drag on the straights whereas F-Duct was more about adding downforce in the corners.

        1. The DRS and the F-duct work on the same principle: they change the airflow over the rear wing to negate drag on the straights. They just do it in slightly different ways, but the effect of both is identical.

          And Renault were one of the last teams to introduce an F-duct. They only had a passive system, where changes in the air pressure altered the flow of air over the rear wing, so the car had to be travelling at a certain speed before the passage of the air changed. Ferrari’s system was much more developed; it worked sooner than Renault’s.

        2. The F-Duct is very similar to the DRS as they both reduce drag and down force on the rear wing.

      2. Yeah, but if it was DRS not F-duct and the rule was same, Petrov definitely could’t defend his position right?

    2. Alonso being unable to pass Petrov last year is a clear example of what I’m talking about. But that gets spun as a pit stratagy blunder by Ferrari. That is not racing.

  3. Always good to hear some driver opinions on this controversial DRS. I think some sort of end of season review on F1 Fanatic would be brilliant. Some real discussions, not some disgruntled one-posters who aren’t interested in a debate.

  4. The DRS system is the easy solution to lack of chances to overtake, but we all know that the true solution is to reduce the aerodynamic downforce and turbulences. This will really bring us back the true F1 again but unfortunately it seems that they will never do this.

    Moreover, the drivers never critize anything related to the rules, or anything related to Bernie, he is the boss and they know it, I think that they are a little bit cowards in this aspect. :(

  5. DRS is not a gimmick, and as MG said it negates the aero loss. Its more effective on some tracks than others and its really just re-allowing slipstreaming which your much hailed Fangio, Stewart and to a lesser extent Senna won many races with. Senna also had a turbo boost button..but its ok if everyone has it- thats nonsense. Cars used to have many different tricks to winning. The Williams fw (something) that Mansell won the WDC had more electronics than a branch of Dixons and certainly more than anyone else. As did, in all probablilty, Scumachers Benetton.

    Plus this mythical time when Fangio raced – if you really knew your stuff you’d know that drivers used to get out of the way of a faster driver, so an overtake wasnt that bigger deal. The real gimmick is thinking only lots of overtakes can make a decent race. Not so!

    1. Lots of passes or lots of overtakes ?

      There is a significant difference in my view between a car simply passing another, and a driver overtaking the car in front…

      It simply is NOT racing for a driver to be overtaken because the regulations force them to be overtaken (by the blue flag rule or the following car’s DRS).

  6. DRS? Nah, I despise it. A resource that only one out of two drivers can use is, by principle, rubbish, IMHO.
    And until when are we all going to will say that Alonso lost a world title, when in fact he was unable to pass a slower car?

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