Lewis Hamilton, McLaren, Buddh International Circuit, 2011

Hamilton rejects talk of pressure from Button

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In the round-up: Lewis Hamilton rejects Martin Whitmarsh’s claim that Jenson Button has put him under pressure.


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Lewis Hamilton rejects Button pressure claim as ‘rubbish’ (BBC)

“Whitmarsh said after the last race in India that the 2008 champion was ‘feeling under pressure’ from Button, but Hamilton said that was not true. ‘He made some comments which I disagree with,’ said Hamilton. ‘It’s rubbish.'”

Schumacher to wait to decide on future (Autosport)

“‘In the end yes there will be something, but most important ?ǣ do I feel it? Do I want it or not?’ he said about the factors that will influence his choice. ‘That is something we will find out in the future. Not right now.'”

Ron Howard’s ‘Rush’ racks up sales (Variety)

“Exclusive Media Group announced Wednesday, the final day of the American Film Market, that it had sold the pic to distributors for 30 markets including Alliance Films for Canada, Aurum for Spain, Universum/RTL for Germany, E1 for Australia and New Zealand, MisLabel for Scandinavia and Independent in Benelux. Variety reported Monday that StudioCanal had picked up UK rights.”

Jenson Button via Twitter

“Headline grabbers sell papers, it’s just a pity I didn’t say it!”

Robert Wickens via Twitter

“Everything is all set for tomorrow. Really excited! At the hotel now and really looking forward for tomorrow.”

Adrian Sutil Q&A: I hope future is decided soon (F1)

“In the end we do not know whether Rubens [Barrichello] really plans to retire. I have heard that Kimi [Raikkonen] wants to come back, but there?s? also a question about whether a team wants to take the risk of bringing somebody back who was hasn?t driven for two years. We will be surprised over the next couple of weeks.”

Rubens Barrichello: “I just have to wait and see…” (Adam Cooper)

“I?m just waiting for people to call. The only thing I have in mind is the year that I?m going to have ahead. I?m thinking like I did in 2008, just positive. I might go to the Brazilian Grand Prix without any confirmation or without anything, but I?m not saying goodbye to my fans. I want to be there next year.”

Abu Dhabi GP – Conference 1 (FIA)

Sebastien Buemi: “I think it?s good to try some new circuits, some new countries to visit. I think it?s definitely a positive to come to these races and I think what we experience here is completely different. It?s the best infrastructure in the world and it?s definitely quite nice to be racing here, starting the race when it’s still daylight and then we finish in the dark. I definitely think it?s a positive.”

F1 Fanatic via Twitter

“Three cheers for Romain Grosjean speaking his mind: ‘The track I’m not a big fan of. Too much slow corners from my point of view.'”

Indian GP success boosts IPL-style league (Reuters)

“Styled on the IPL’s popular city-based model, franchises have to pay $20 million for a period of 15 years for owning a team. The league’s promoters, Machdar Motorsports, said most of the teams had already been paid for.”

Ecclestone: I was victim of ‘shakedown’ (FT, registration required)

“Bernie Ecclestone said it would have been a ‘waste of time’ to report his allegations that he was the victim of what he called a ‘shakedown’ by a German banker accused of corruption.”

Mika Hakkinen prepares for race comeback in Mercedes SLS AMG GT3 (F1 Fanatic on YouTube)

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Comment of the day

Alain thinks Nico Rosberg’s new Mercedes deal is the right move:

This is good both for Mercedes and Nico, he is learning a lot from Michael and he is doing some great races, each season he is a better driver and I am sure he can win GPs and championships, though he hasn?t the “killer instinct” that Michael has.

If Michael is now racing better than Nico is not because Nico isn’t so good, it?s simply because Michael is recovering part of his old pace, and don?t forget it, with 25-30 years Michael would beat the rest of the drivers without any doubt. So the driver who beats Nico is Michael, not a simply good driver.

Moreover, Mercedes is building a solid project and Michael won?t be in F1 beyond 2013 so then Nico will be the absolute leader of the team, and this is not going to happen if he goes to Ferrari.

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Renault were among the teams lobbying for the equalisation of engine power three years ago today – a request that did not find favour with F1 Fanatic readers.