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234 comments on Rate the race: 2011 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

  1. Alex (@smallvizier) said on 13th November 2011, 14:56

    Puncture for Vettel
    Floor damage for Webber
    Kers faliure for Button –

    It could have been a really fun race, with the one-two DRS punch promising a lot of wheel-to-wheel action, and the McLarens seemingly quicker than the Red Bulls which meant we’d really have got to see a show from Vettel.

    But fate intervened :(

  2. Aced (@) said on 13th November 2011, 14:58


    Bring back re-fueling and bridgestone tyres. Get rid of KERS and DRS!

    • Joseph94 (@joseph94) said on 13th November 2011, 15:00

      I TOTALLY AGREE WITH YOU! DRS is ruining F1 completely!

      • Mick2750 (@mick2750) said on 13th November 2011, 15:03

        I’d love to see re-fueling back… there needs to be another variable on strategy outside of tires and pit changes. The Pirelli’s don’t degrade as quickly as they did early on in the season… boring race

        • Alex (@smallvizier) said on 13th November 2011, 15:10

          Refuelling reduces a team’s strategic options.

          If you’ve loaded your car with the fuel for 1/3 of a GP before the race, you have no choice – you must stop then. You cannot run longer, and if you try to go shorter you are leaving performance on the table.

          Thus we would see less jockeying for undercuts / overcuts, less ability to cover other cars, less ability to change strategy mid-race.

          We would also see fewer drivers at different stages of tyre degredation (because again, the pit timings would be more constrained), and so there would be less overtaking.

    • Yes because refualing would have made things better?

      refueling did nothing but harm the racing which is why the ontrack racing declined from the 1st race refueling was introduced.

      if you like watching racing done in the pit lane then fine bring in refueling, however if you like watching the racing done on the track then keep it away!

  3. 8. I really, really enjoyed this race. I’m not a DRS fan but seeing as I’m stuck with it I’ve decided to keep an open mind and I think it worked quite well today. There were some lovely battles throughout the field. I’d have loved to see Vettel carve his way back through but I can’t have everything. Lewis looked reborn (although not forgetting how disastrously things went after Ger), Alo was just perfection, there was a nice three way scrap for the last spot, some good battles and different strategies and a bit of controversy with Pastor. If that had been the season finale I’d have gone away happy.

  4. Joseph94 (@joseph94) said on 13th November 2011, 14:59

    I gave it a ‘6’. It means nothing, Vettel not winning because as we know the likelihood is, he would have won, if he didn’t have the puncture on the opening lap. Nothing special. Great drive by Nico Rosberg. Hope for better in Brazil.

  5. Daniel Thomas (@iamdanthomas) said on 13th November 2011, 15:00

    While one driver controls the gap at the front and eventually wins comfortably, the other has a KERS failure and makes the podium.

    Have McLaren turned into Red Bull?

  6. electrolite (@electrolite) said on 13th November 2011, 15:01

    6/10 for me. Ironically it would have been better with Vettel there, as Hamilton surely had the pace. Even Alonso would have challenged him, but I enjoyed it none the less!

  7. Younger Hamii (@younger-hamii) said on 13th November 2011, 15:01

    7,Possibly would’ve gave it a 6 had Lewis not won the race today,Congrats to him Brilliant & Controlled victory.Also a great Drive from Fernando as well.

    I would say today was an average race you would expect from this season,DRS produced something decent although not exciting or spectacular.

  8. Becken Lima (@becken-lima) said on 13th November 2011, 15:04

    It was perfect… ok, ok: just joking. It was a very, very average race, but was nice to see Lewis winning again. The old Lew is back.

    And after all, not hear Vettel´s celebration and Horner radio transmissions was a blessing!

    Race: 7/10
    Lewis win:10/10

  9. KaIIe (@kaiie) said on 13th November 2011, 15:05

    3/10. Two points for the two short scraps between three cars and one point for the slightly different strategies.

    – Yas Marina. When the highlight of the track is the phallic shaped hotel, there’s something wrong with it.
    – DRS zones so close to each other.
    – Either Pirelli brought a too conservative tyre choice, or the teams are too good at setting up their cars in the latter part of the season. This could’ve easily been a Bridgestone race.

    • DRS Zones being close together was a good thing. For a change the guy defending actually had a chance to effectively defend by being able to pass back so instantly.

      At least today the guy leading wasnt doomed to be past the moment he was caught, he actually had a chance!

      One of few races i thought DRS actually helped the show, cos it gave equal opportunity to the attacker and defender.

  10. Dave_F1 said on 13th November 2011, 15:06

    Double DRS zone was terrible, That sort of passing/Re-Passing is just an artificial gimmick which is neither exciting or real racing!

    I don’t like DRS anyway but today it was even more ridiculous.

  11. I gave it a 6… this is based on what I have given other races and on how enjoyable it was. I would have loved to see the double world champion fighting his way up the field but sadly it didnt happen. Pretty dull race… but look forward to the pictures later, they are always lovely at this track.

  12. Bookoi (@bookoi) said on 13th November 2011, 15:08

    VINTAGE Abu Dhabi. Unfortunately.

    Enjoyed the opening laps (well, the bits that weren’t hidden behind numerous replays of the start) and Mark Webber’s battles/alternative strategy, but otherwise a bit stagnant.


  13. paolo (@paolo) said on 13th November 2011, 15:10

    4/10 from me.

    First lap was excellent, but despite threatening to produce some good battles (Massa/Webber, Webber/Jenson, Mercedes) nothing ever really materialised.

    Everyone that is slamming DRS, which would you prefer: DRS providing some (artificial) overtaking or absolutely no overtaking and a processional race? I would personally go for the first.

    • Dave_F1 said on 13th November 2011, 15:26

      Id rather watch real racing which DRS isn’t.

      I’d also rather see exciting overtaking which is something DRS does not provide.

      Also the main critisise today isn’t so much DRS, Its the fact that DRS was providing passing/repassing which was completely artificial.

      • but for a change it was at least a battle as the double zones allowed the guy to pass back.

        surely that is better than the guy behind flying past without a fight. At least now he had to think about the 2nd zone coming up. You cant take away the defenders tools completely.

        • Dave_F1 said on 13th November 2011, 21:04

          Disagree, I thought the Passing/Re-Passing was completely ridiculous, If I wanted to watch stuff like that I’d just watch Nascar.

          Even David Coulthard who has refused to critisise DRS all year actualy admitted that it’s artificial & gimmickey.

  14. Rlewis said on 13th November 2011, 15:10

    I would give the race a ten, if for no other reason than that it answers a lot of questions about drivers and the technical features of this season. But, I would really like to know why Button didn’t come over and congratulate his team mate as he did Vettel in the previous race. That clears up a few things, but all in all the race was competitive.

  15. Jonathan189 (@jonathan189) said on 13th November 2011, 15:13

    I know the race organizers were desperate for a more interesting race this year… but I think leaving a thumbtack on the apex of turn 2 was taking it a bit too far.

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