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Rate the race: 2011 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

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What did you think of the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix? Rate the race out of ten and leave a comment below:

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234 comments on “Rate the race: 2011 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix”

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  1. This race is the epitome of everything thats wrong with the sport – it is too artifical, clinical, clean, with an awful track that doesnt punish driver errors and only provides overtaking with silly gimmicks like DRS. The ‘use both tyres’ rule does absolutely nothing but make cars slower and is just as artifical as DRS and KERS.

    You can tell it was a bore-fest by the BBC F1 team dragging out the enquiry into Vettel’s puncture.

    Jake Humphrey: “Seb, what happened?”
    Vettel: “We got a puncture…”

    Also, FOM’s director missed absolutely everything today. Shocking.

    Haven’t heard the name Kenny Handkammer since Murray retired!

    1. ‘Also, FOM’s director missed absolutely everything today. Shocking.’

      Yeah, I gather they were not using one of the usual 2 directors this weekend.
      They have 2 directors which get cycled through the year, One of them is really good (Who used to work on F1 Digital+) & the other is still good but not quite as good.

      Don’t really know much about the guy they used today other than he has directoed coverage for some lower categories in the past.

  2. I enjoyed that, 7/10 for me.

    I think we had some great, close battles, namely Buemi and Di Resta. I couldn’t get my head around that at the time, but I heard he had rear traction issues, resulting in his retirement.

    A shame the final stint came to nothing, Alonso yet again couldn’t get the F150 to work with the prime tyre.

    Kudos to Vettel for doing the right thing and keeping himself busy with the telemetry.

  3. 4/10 for me.
    As I thought, very exciting opening lap, but there wasn’t anything else to watch after that. The DRS was a joke, Buemi passed Di Resta and was passed on the following straight three times. That’s nonsense.
    The battle for third could have been interesting but it was ruined by lapped cars.
    When Vettel got the puncture, I thought it could have been an exciting race, because he had to recover from last place. Unfortunately he had to retire.

  4. I gave it a 7.. If the Championship wasn’t already over, it would have been much more exciting but it would be unfair to reduce the rating based on that.

    As a race in it’s own right, there was some good overtaking (aided by DRS), some boring passing (solely down to DRS) and some interesting strategy.

    As I said at the start though, it all just feels like going through the motions with the Championship already wrapped up. Bring on next year and a fresh start – hopefully someone will be able to challenge Vettel. I don’t like to see a driver retire from a race but I was delighted to not hear “Look at the lead Vettel has built up already!” on lap 2!!

  5. Good race 7/10

    Brilliant drives from Lewis and Fernando!

  6. 5 for me simply because DRS made things look even worse for abu dhabi.

  7. Gave it a 7, some real good wheel banging going on behind Alonso, nice to see Mr Excitement back, just win baby. :)

  8. black (@blackvelveteen)
    13th November 2011, 16:02

    9 from me.

    – Vettel’s puncture makes me scream a lot at home, after a lot of boring
    races in this season
    – Button’s ability to maintain 3rd place despite his troubled KERS
    – Red Bull were failed to get into the podium
    – Button has secured the place above Hamilton for this season..

    1. 9 out of 10… for that? Because one car span off and another finished ahead of two others.

      Blimey, I’d hate to see a race that you rate as a 5.

  9. Harinarayanan (@)
    13th November 2011, 16:04

    Sebastian certainly cannot handle pressure. Good to see Lewis back on form. Managed to hold back Fernando, nursed his tyres cleverly and drove an impeccable race.

    Two DRS zones added some excitement to the race, so not futile.

    This time Yas Marina proved to be better than the last two Grands Prix. Overall I’d give 7/10.

    1. Sebastian certainly cannot handle pressure.

      LOL what? Please do feel free to elaborate on how that was illustrated today.

      1. Harinarayanan (@)
        13th November 2011, 18:09

        He tried very hard to hold back Lewis and as a result of that used too much kerb and paid the penalty.

        1. Man, here Pirelli and everyone are scratching their heads trying to figure out what happened, and you’ve got it solved! ;-)

          Gotta say, though, we might have been watching different races, because he didn’t look to be under much pressure to me. He had a good start and was already beginning to open his customary comfortable lead, and from what I understand he took his usual line through turn 1.

          1. Harinarayanan (@)
            13th November 2011, 19:35

            I might have got it wrong then. Apologies :)

          2. Harinarayanan (@)
            13th November 2011, 19:51

            Yeah. I did get it wrong. Just had a close look at Sebastian’s spin. He wasn’t far off the kerb.

      2. It seems his rear tire had trouble with pressure @aka_robyn, but I agree, it doesn’t seem very likely Vettel doing much to influence it negatively @bgarinarayanan.

        Perhaps, as Vettel said, he hit the curbs a bit too much yesterday, or something, perhaps it was bad luck. But he has been pretty good under pressure this season certainly.

        1. Harinarayanan (@)
          13th November 2011, 18:50

          Don’t you think he pushed more than he should have?

          1. Nonsense. You could see from replays of the start around half the field taking the same line Vettel did. And Vettel got off the line so much better than Hamilton that he didn’t block at all.

          2. Harinarayanan (@)
            13th November 2011, 19:56

            @David A . Read my comment above. I was mistaken.

    2. You sir, are a trolling.

  10. 6, how is this race rated as a 10 by 12 people? Or 1 for that matter. Pleased for Lewis but even he would say that it wasn’t the same without Seb in the race. I suppose he was unlucky in 2009 so what comes around goes around…

  11. 7/10, Good race, not spectacular, but certainly not boring. DRS improved the racing a lot i thought, even if it caused passes then re-passes i would rather see that than none at all. Was great to see Lewis win again, he needs the boost.
    The amount i celebrated when i saw Vettel facing the wrong way on the exit of turn 2 with a flat tyre was almost wrong, but i just loved knowing at that point there was going to be at least a different winner!

  12. A solid 6/10 I think, was dull in parts as Alonso never really looked likely to get near Hamilton, but some good overtaking moves, interesting strategy and some intrigue with Vettel’s puncture.

  13. i thought it was actually quite an interesting race, especcially with the pitstopstrategies and all.

  14. 10 fro me, for 3 very important and unscientific reasons:

    (a) I was there;
    (b) I didn’t have to witness the Vettel finger in person;
    (c) Lewis won.

    1. Heh, not very objective, but good to hear you enjoying it!

      1. Yeah, the number I actually clicked when I voted was a lot lower than 10. ;)

        1. I hope you had a really good time in the grandstands. Any special highlights for you?

  15. Dont no what your all moaning about, the track is challenging for the drivers, its not all about over taking you know! great strategies going on, very interesting race… the best man won, great job lewis… 9 out of 10!

  16. 7 for me – started off doing the ironing rather than glued to the live timing applet, but was gradually drawn away from the laundry. Brilliant drive from Hamilton, great chase from Alonso, and some good battles further down the field. Massa though. Poor chap.

  17. 6/10

    It was OK, and the spectacle of the double DRS zones was mildly amusing, but I still think that people have this misplaced fixation on overtaking instead of racing and that annoys me. The DRS, while arguably better here than some other places, is still too artificial.

    I’m not a big fan of this new F1. I’ve found myself getting either frustrated or bored, and there have only been a couple of standout races so far. This is the first time in years where I haven’t really cared about a race, and to be honest, Sky could hardly have chosen a worse time to take on F1 coverage as many disillusioned fans look to MotoGP and touring cars for their motorsport kicks.

  18. The most exciting Abu Dhabi GP, but that’s not saying much. Verttels early exit left his usual job of leading with control to Hamilton and he did it. Not too much passing and a lot of gaps (cars got strung out easily), maybe as good as India which doesn’t say much.

  19. Christopher Vissing
    13th November 2011, 17:27


    great first lap battles, but generally a little bit dull.. would’ve been great to see vettel fight through the field, and a battle for 1st between hamilton and alonso at the end, haven’t alonso’s chances been spoiled by bad pitstops..

  20. People complaining the race was boring. . Maybe its because the guy who always bring the excitement was out in front for a change instead of Vettel. . . *just a thought*

    1. People complain just as much when it is Vettel leading.

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