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Rate the race: 2011 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

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What did you think of the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix? Rate the race out of ten and leave a comment below:

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234 comments on “Rate the race: 2011 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix”

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  1. I gave it a 4. No real contest for the lead, the battle for 3rd flattered to deceive after the early laps, midfield battles were mainly down to DRS, which I thought was ridiculously easy on this circuit. As a comment above me mentioned, the FIA should concentrate on encouraging close racing, not inventing artificial overtaking. The DRS has again left me feeling that it’s nice to see overtaking, but I almost feel ashamed to watch that happening in my favourite sport in a way.

    It surprises me that most people are giving it 6s and 7s, but I think that’s mainly because “it wasn’t bad for Abu Dhabi”. We’ve had much better races this year given lower scores.

    It’s nice to see Hamilton win again, but in terms of the actual racing, it didn’t make a lot of difference.

  2. I find it interesting in a sad way that it has been virtually impossible to see a fight for the win. Initially thought it was all about Vettel, but Lewis demonstrated today that any top-notch driver who happens to be leading after 5 laps will somehow maintain a gap to the pack. With this in mind, surely the race wasn’t that different from the vast majority of races this year. The only difference was the car/driver in front…

  3. I gave it a 7. Vettel going off at turn 1 added a bit of excitement although I agree I would have loved to see him fight through the field. Some very good battles in the midfield pack. I think DRS was good and bad. Good in the sense that it helped make overtaking possible and bad in the sense that the got the positions a bit wrong so that most overtakes made in the first zone was cancelled out in the second one.

    Roll on Brazil!!!

  4. 4/10 – pretty boring really. Vettel retiring took about 1/3 of any good fight at the front away and we might have been able to find out if McLaren was really better than Red Bull today. KERS issues kept Button slower but no real dog-fights at the front other than Massa/Weber for a few laps. The race struggled to a 4 for the tire strategy Weber took, the little scrap, Button slowing and looking vulnerable, and that’s it. The rest of the pack are in a differnt league and we did not see much coverage of them anyway. Pretty boring circuit overall, despite the pretty lights. And the “suspense” whether someone will pile it in that pit tunnel.

  5. 9 was good 10-1 thats for vettel ret.

  6. Nearly half of the people who have voted rated the race 7+. Are you crazy?! 7 out of ten?! In my book that means it’s a great race, loads of real overtaking, different strategies, not many boring moments.

    Jog on.

    1. I totally agree. I mentioned it already in an earlier comment. As of right now, 17 people gave it 10/10, which must mean they considered it to be one of the best F1 races in history.

      Somehow I doubt that in years to come, people will rank Abu Dhabi 2011 alongside Brazil 2008, Japan 2005, Belgium 2000 Europe 1993, Spain 1986…

      Oh well, everyone’s entitled to an opinion, even if their opinion is wrong.

      1. Hits the nail right on the head. I doubt even one of those who voted 10/10 actually did it with any conviction.

    2. I guess it depends on how you rate races. For myself, I would not quickly give a race lower than a 6, and if I did, it would mean that F1 had somehow underperformed for me that day. However, I enjoy almost all races I watch, and I enjoyed this one too. There were battles on track, in the pits, and on strategy, and seeing Hamilton win just put a big smile back on my face. Perhaps we have been spoiled with action-packed races this year, but in years past there was often also not that much action on track. I enjoyed watching then, and I enjoy watching now.

      1. I get your point. For me too, I enjoy all the races. But the point is that I enjoy some more than others.

        What was there to get really excited about in this race though? Hamilton wasn’t really made to work for his win, he had bags of time in hand over Alonso. All the ‘overtakes’ came courtesy of the DRS – no real skill was involved.

        Let’s be honest, to rate this more than a 7 is a joke.

    3. “loads of real overtaking”

      Where was that then? All the ‘passing’ I saw was artificial because of the Dumb Racing Solution!

      1. That’s exactly my point

  7. 7. webber made it

  8. Mable Mable arms off the table
    13th November 2011, 19:20

    I am so glad Vettel DNF’d once I saw him take the lead I was picking up my remote to turn off the TV (i’d rather go back to sleep than watch him take a 15 second lead and cruise to victory) then boom he was out and at least you saw more interesting pit strategy when it came to P1

  9. 1

    I must admit, we had a little few battles which were more than just DRS passing/repassing, but I think @Keith Collantine, said it best above:

    That wasn’t racing, that was like watching cars on a motorway.

    And since I would never even consider to watch a motorway for leisure, I cannot give any more points than this. Here the bad outweighs the good for me.

    Furthermore, on DRS / tracks:
    – if a track produces bad races, it should be altered or never host a race again
    – DRS should be adjusted or banned for boring tracks. For classic tracks it should be banned; I have said before that I liked it in Barcelona, where it added to the suspense. The defending party shouldn’t become a sitting duck, but instead have a really hard time defending against the other car. I know that this also depends on the two cars and drivers involved, I mean Schumacher is always hard to pass, but I have a thourough dislike for the flying past ‘action’ we saw today.

  10. 7/10, seemingly agreeing with the majority here..

    For a track that’s received far more than it’s fair share of criticism this year, I think the race exceeded expectations.. The only thing I can say that really let us down is Vettel’s retirement.. Me and my Dad were watching in anticipation to see if he could get back to the pits to just put on a fresh pair of tyres and try and cut through the field.. I guess we’ll never know if we were robbed of Vettel’s best performance yet..

    Also, a shame he’s now missed out on Schumi’s 2004 record and Clarks percentage record.. Knowing how fascinated Vettel is about those stats, he’ll be very disappointed to retire so early.. Something like that only really comes once in a career, I’d be surprised if Vettel manages domination like this year’s in 2012

  11. Im not sure that the poor races at Abu Dhabi have all been down to the actual circuit design.

    There was 2 GP2 races this weekend & both were brilliant & featured lots of real overtaking without the need of silly gimmicks. Past GP2 races here have also been pretty good with a fair bit of overtaking.

    Other categories I have seen race the full GP circuit have also been pretty good, Its just been the F1 races which have been poor.

  12. Five. There was nothing special about that race. The Pirelli ‘cliff’ has been eroded away into a gentle incline, the double DRS just left everyone back where they started and none of the drivers were clever enough to wait until the second of them to overtake for the first time.

    And all the sunsets and sparkly hotels in the world were ever going to change that.

  13. first few laps were good, gave it a five, on reflection that seems a bit high, fell asleep about lap 40 – 47, woke up to see nothing had changed,good to see hamilton back to his best
    I think the cameras missed a few tricks as there were some good close up shots going through the chicanes, but not enough were shown.
    didnt watch the red button, went out to the garden to play catch up

  14. nearly forgot, it was good not to see horners foot for once!!!!
    in fact it was good not to see horner (and marko)at all, so for that reason alone i,ll change from a 5 to a 6!!

  15. I think the problem is in how the poll is structured. Many people compare a 10 point system to grades and in different places grades are different – USA: 7/10 = average, in Britain, Canada etc it’s 6/10. Others compare to a bell-shaped distribution and see 5.5 as the middle (5 above and 5 choices below middle) and so rate 6 as average since they can’t score 5.5.

    Maybe the polls should have a diffferent scale – out of 7 like marketing surveys, with 7 perfect, 1 the worst ever, and 4 average. On that scale I’d give this race a 3. Maybe a 4 on a very charitable day. We’ve had a run of really lean years though, so overall maybe our audience standards have slipped? Look up “French Grand Prix Villeneuve Arnoux” on youtube and you’ll see my point if you don’t remember action!

    On the plus side, Button and Weber did bang wheels today so I raise my original score to a 5.

    1. Since when has 7 been considered half way between 1 and 10?

  16. THE most boring race of the season hands down and it was the one where Vettel actually retired. Even the way he retired was a snooze fest. If Hamilton at least caused the puncture by touching him it would have brought in some controversy.. or if Vettel was able to continue and chase down the front runners, but unfortunately the whole race had below par written all over it. A very generous 3/10 from me.. shame.

  17. 8/10

    I’m usually pretty harsh on Abu Dhabi, but the race this weekend was pretty good viewing.

    Webber’s incredible third quarter push, Hamilton’s defending from Alonso, Alonso’s start and subsequent chase, the Button/Massa/Webber battles, the mid-pack battles between Force India/Renault/Sauber, the early battling between the Mercedes drivers, and even the back markers had their moments.

    I also thought the coverage was better than usual. They seemed to cover most of the overtaking all over the track, and not just follow the guy out front for lap after lap like they tend to do. They also skipped most of the pit stops, which is a plus in my view.

    Solid race overall. Entertained throughout.

    1. not sure Lewis ever had to ‘defend’ his lead. It never got under 2.5 seconds did it?
      There was much more than the other 2 races here but I always felt Hamilton could open the gap when he needed to and if we’re being consistant with other similar races its about a 6/10

    2. I agree. I didn’t find this at all boring and it was certainly the best at Yas so far. A lot of whinging going on in the first five pages of posts so I skipped that.

  18. 6/10

    This was a better race than India, but only just. Vettel’s puncture and some near misses in the midfield during the opening laps had me hoping for a good race, but it was not to be.

    Though I’m loving a Hamilton victory, he did today exactly what Vettel’s done all year. He built a gap, and maintained it. Button had an interesting race, but how much of that was down to KERS issues I don’t know.

    My biggest peeve is the DRS. I like the system’s goal, but today was a farce, surpassing Turkey and Canada in the race for the “Most LOL-worthy DRS Zones” award. The first zone worked well enough, and made for some really nice overtakes in the chicane section (Webber on Button comes to mind), but the second one ruined it. It put drivers in an odd position of either compromising their own corner approach to get the second hit of DRS, or go for it only to be re-passed.

    Next year I think we only need to have one zone, down the back straight into the 7-8 chicane. We didn’t see cars completely blow by here, the chicane is wide enough for two, and the car behind can strategically save KERS to counter attack into 9-10-11. Also, removing the 3-4-5 complex and replacing it with a wider hairpin may help things along.

    Maybe we’ve just been spoiled by some amazing racing this year, but this one felt like a clinical race, just a stopgap until we can get to Sao Paulo.

  19. Well, the start was very exciting but that’s to be expected. The middle of the race was quite dull. I found DRS overtakes to be too artificial, but they definitely made the race more exciting. I think with DRS, people need to give it this whole season so that the FIA can evaluate the gains made on specific tracks, and hopefully they will tweak and fine tune it to get cars side by side into the next corner, I believe this is the target result. 6/10.

  20. The double DRS zone explained everyone about “Newton’s third law of Motion” even he wouldn’t have believed that students will be taught with examples moving @ 300 km/h.I rated it 5 not too many actions for the lead all overtaking were in the DRS,but one good battle between Button & Webber. FIA need to stop the idea of double DRS zone in the future.

    1. I don’t mind the double DRS but not when they’re that close. Perhaps on two completely separate parts of the track – which pretty much means nowhere else at Yas Marina.

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