Pastor Maldonado, Williams, Abu Dhabi, 2011

Maldonado and Senna criticise penalties

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In the round-up: Bruno Senna and Pastor Maldonado hit out at blue flag penalties.


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Drivers slam ‘inconsistent’ penalties (Autosport)

Bruno Senna: “I think it was a lack of consistency, because we see people doing much, much worse. If you think about it, I probably held Jenson [Button] for one corner, which was turn seven, and people held other guys up for a whole sector and didn’t get a blue flag.”

My season is like a bad round of golf, says Hamilton (Reuters)

“For me it’s irrelevant if [Jenson Button] has finished ahead of me because we want to win the championship.”

Sebastian Vettel reviews his 2011 season (F1)

“It is funny to get comments after a successful race: you hear descriptions like ‘easy’, ‘walk in the park’ and so on – and it was definitely nothing of the sort at any race of the season. Every victory was hard fought and contrary to what people might think, it was closer, much closer than it looked from the outside.”

Ecclestone denies Turkey is on standby for 2012 (ESPN)

“Ecclestone said in Abu Dhabi at the weekend that he believes there will be ‘no problem’ with next year’s Bahrain Grand Prix, adding that ‘it’s on the calendar and we are going to be there.'”

U.S. Grand Prix in Austin: Time to connect the dots (AutoWeek)

“The bottom line is that the deal needs to be done by the first week of December, when there is the final, no-turning-back meeting to set the 2012 F1 schedule. Could the Austin race be moved to 2013? It’s possible, but not without penalties, and who would pay them?”

Ask Donald – Nov. 7 (Indianapolis 500)

“With Nigel Mansell already confirmed as joining Mario Andretti at Newman/Haas and Nelson Piquet expected to return with John Menard (which he did), [Emerson Fittipaldi] was fantasizing that there could be at least five World Champions at Indianapolis in 1993. There would only be four. The next step was to get [Ayrton] Senna on an oval, which never happened, and it wasn’t before he was re-signed with McLaren for another year of F1.”

Pic signs for Marussia… and others stories (Joe Saward)

“It is yet to be officially confirmed but I am reliably assured that Charles Pic has signed to drive for Marussia Racing [currently Virgin] in 2012, with an option to stay with the team in 2013.”

Stefano Coletti via Twitter

“Going to sleep. Testing F1 tomorrow with Toro Rosso. First time in an F1 car, so excited!”

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Comment of the day

Could someone who retires on the first lap deserve to win Driver of the Weekend? Dan_the_McLaren_fan thinks so:

It might look odd, but I voted Sebastian Vettel.

It was clear from the first FP session that it was going to be a race for McLaren, and that it will be difficult for red Bull to win it. But his pole lap was just superb, I would never have believed that Vettel would do it. It’s a shame he retired on the first lap, because I think we could have witnessed a great duel between him and Hamilton.

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One year ago today Ferrari faced criticism over their strategy in the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, which saw Fernando Alonso lose the championship to Sebastian Vettel: