Felipe Massa, Ferrari, Abu Dhabi, 2011

Fresh calls for Yas Marina track changes

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In the round-up: Felipe Massa wants Yas Marina to copy India’s F1 track.


Top F1 links from the past 24 hours:

Massa wants track changes in Abu Dhabi (Autosport)

“In my opinion they need to change a little bit corner seven, maybe even make it wider like in India.”

Lewis Hamilton contradicts Martin Whitmarsh’s Jenson Button showdown remark (The Independent)

“Of course we both want to win, but it doesn’t matter whether [Jenson Button] or I get it, we still end up on a high. That’s my view anyway.”

F1 needs Hamilton (Daily Telegraph)

David Coulthard: “Lewis is wrong to call that achievement ‘irrelevant’. I can understand what he means ? that he has bigger problems to worry about ? but as drivers our first duty is to beat our team-mate and Jenson has done that, fairly and squarely, when many said he wouldn?t have a prayer.”

Williams testing 2012 exhausts (ESPN)

“Valtteri Bottas is in the FW33 for the first time, and his car has the top-exiting exhaust layout visible as Williams becomes the first team to test exhausts conforming to 2012 regulations.”

Max Chilton via Twitter

“Great day, I now have 81 F1 laps under my belt and I finished sixth for the day but had no KERS so really happy!”

Stefano Coletti via Twitter

“Very good day today with Toro Rosso! team was happy about my performance! Now resting and half day again on Thursday.”

F1 Fanatic via Twitter

“Jan Charouz will also drive for HRT during the three-day test at Abu Dhabi.”

Lawyer declines F1 trial appearance (FT, registration required)

British lawyer Steven Mullens has declined to appear in the trial of German banker Gerhard Gribkowsky, at which Bernie Ecclestone appeared last week, by “reserving his right not to have to answer questions that might cause him to incriminate himself”. The FT adds: “Mullens was an adviser to Bambino and also served as a director in some of the companies that controlled F1.”

Vijay Mallya via Twitter

“Spent six hours with the media today to share facts about Kingfisher Airlines. Was pushed, shoved and yelled at in a frenzy to get a bite. No lunch, no coffee, not a moments rest for five hours. Was virtually accosted by a frenzied media. Finally they started assaulting each other.”

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Comment of the day

Nick T thinks Williams won’t be down for long:

This team grabbed a pole, a fourth place, about 20 top tens and outpaced all the mid-field teams just last year.

They tried something radical in an attempt to contend with the big budget teams and it cost them the ability to even be in the mid pack.

However, they?ve got an ex-long time McLaren chief designer on board among others, strong infrastructure/facilities and probably the fifth-biggest budget. I’d venture to say that a team who could at the very least run consistently in the top ten is of great value and won?t simply disappear.

At worst, I could see them being sold and changing names or adding a name. Lets not forget that besides the heavy hitters, Williams actually has other business ventures that produce real income and their brand name is worth a lot when it comes to expanding those business ventures. So, they?d be an attractive team to buy and keep the name/heritage for someone looking to get into F1.
Nick T

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And happy birthday to Red Bull team principal Christian Horner, who’s 38 today.