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Ecclestone says Austin race will be dropped

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In the round-up: Bernie Ecclestone says the 2012 United States Grand Prix will not go ahead.


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US Grand Prix on verge of being axed claims Bernie Ecclestone (The Independent)

“Asked if the United States Grand Prix was in danger of being dropped ahead of the final World Motor Sport Council meeting in New Delhi on December 7 when the 2012 calendar is officially ratified, Ecclestone said: ‘Yes, it will be, for sure, 100%.'”

Combs promised Ecclestone full payment a year before first Austin race (Adam Cooper)

“Not only did that payment not come through by July 31 ?ǣ which presumably played a big part in creating the current crisis ?ǣ [Texas state comptroller Susan] Combs now says that no payment can be made until after the event has taken place.”

Alexander Wurz via Twitter

“Texas politicians please consider: a Grand Prix doesn’t cost taxpayer $25 million, as country collects Tax/VAT revenue during Grand Prix! Possibly will break even. On top, one should value PR return for Texas/Austin! but even without, big events hosted over a few years are good for the tax man! For sure.”

In-house Mercedes battle turns nasty (BBC)

“According to team insiders, the [Jock] Clear-[Michael] Schumacher-[Peter] Bonnington partnership has become an incredibly tight unit, a team within a team, determined to beat the car on the other side of the garage.”

Just not there (Grand Prix)

“Given that Hermann Tilke had a clean sheet of paper with a fairly healthy figure on the bottom line, it seems a waste of space in every sense to have come up with so many slow and medium speed corners and just the one mildly elevated section. That said, the television cameras do not capture the challenge of putting together a perfect lap on a track that makes substantial physical demands on the drivers.”

Whilton Mill kart circuit via Twitter

“Wow we have Vitaly Petrov testing on circuit this morning! That’s an unexpected surprise.”

Charouz completes superlicence run (Autosport)

“The aim of the test was to get enough miles for the superlicence and we accomplished that.”

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Comment of the day

So if a tyre failure did not cause Vettel’s retirement in Abu Dhabi, what did? Here’s a theory from Coefficient:

Red Bull tend to need to under pressure their tyres before a race because they produce so much downforce.

The massive downforce leads to higher tyre temps and of course higher tyre pressures as the temp expands the gases in the tyres. The higher the tyre pressure, the less grip because you are presenting less compliant rubber to the track surface. Less grip means graining/high deg due to sliding.

In this instance, after sitting on the grid the tyres were cold and under pressured so when the lateral load built up as he entered the quick left hander the tyre deformed abnormally and simply peeled off the rim which is why we see the tyre move inboard as the car slides laterally away from the apex.

Its no surprise to see [Adrian] Newey going too far on certain aspects of car set up.

From the forum

Happy birthday!

Happy birthday to Mujahid Rahman!

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On this day in F1

Five years ago today Adam Parr became CEO of Williams.

128 comments on “Ecclestone says Austin race will be dropped”

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  1. Cynical side of me thinks that now he’s got his beloved race in NY he doesn’t really care or need Austin.

    1. @steph The same thought crossed my mind.

    2. Exactly! When this whole talk about the NY race came up, you could somehow sense that Austin probably wouldn’t be staying on the calendar long term. I could still imagine that there will be a race in Austin next year though and that we’re just witnessing some sable-rattling by Bernie.

      1. Excellent point, someone on another site said it reminded him of Donnington a few years ago; they did all the construction in hopes to have F1 return, only to get screwed over. I sincerely hope that isn’t what happens to Austin.

        Bernie may be smart, he may be cagey, but he apparently doesn’t know that once you scorn a Texan, you loose your good graces to them forever.

  2. sabre-rattling ;)

  3. In my view Bernie just needs to hack someone after all the bribe trials.

  4. Cancelling races: the new way to make a profit.

  5. Wot a load of old toss. Bernie’s being Bernie – playing the muscle in search of the money.
    Me? Ithink I’d rather watch a bunch of ancient XR2s elbow each other out the way round Duffers dip. More fun more exciting and less brown stuff.

  6. I am angered to the core over this matter about Austin and think it was a cheap shot to delete my comments about it.

  7. is that real football or the one where big blokes run into each other wearing crash helmets?

  8. I am not surprised. Yet more attention seeking from Bernie Ecclestone, building up everybody’s expectations before dashing them. I buy into the theory that Austin is not so high on the list of priorities now after the New York City announcement. F1 is all about glamour and entertaining mega rich
    sponsors and not about ‘real’ fans anymore. Look at Abu Dhabi! No real fans I could see, just a bunch of toffs on billion dollar yachts downing champagne.
    The fact remains that F1 shot itself in the foot with the fiasco at Indianapolis in 2005, an event that seriously tarnished the sports image in the United States.
    I’m sorry, but America can live without F1. Ecclestone’s attitude not only insults and damages the sport, but also hurts the ‘real’ fans and that is plain wrong in my eyes. For someone to spend hundreds of millions building a circuit, that F1 only will use three days a year, to be in turn treated like crap takes the cake. No wonder many circuit owner have turned their backs on Bernie.

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