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British prime minister visits McLaren factory

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In the round-up: British prime minister David Cameron calls F1 “an incredible British success story”.


Top F1 links from the past 24 hours:

Cameron hails F1 as British success story (Reuters)

“Prime minister David Cameron held up Formula One as ‘an incredible British success story’ on Thursday after formally opening McLaren’s new sportscar factory next to the Grand Prix team’s headquarters.”

McLaren must be F1’s frontrunners next season, says Martin Whitmarsh (The Guardian)

“We had a slow start this year, so we have to get out of the blocks quickly and effectively at the start of next year to make sure we are winning races straightaway.”

Ron Dennis speaks at the official opening of the McLaren Production Centre (McLaren)

“When the international motor racing season kicks off early next year, another McLaren company, McLaren Electronic Systems, will be in a unique position. Because every single car in the world?s three premier motor racing series – in other words every single car in Formula 1, every single car in the IndyCar series and every single car in the most popular and successful racing series in the United States, NASCAR – will all be using engine control units made here in Woking. McLaren Electronic Systems is the world leader in the field of automotive electronic control systems for motorsport.”

US GP’s comeback delayed until 2013 (The Independent)

Owner of Full Throttle Productions Tavo Hellmund: “Mr Ecclestone has been incredibly patient with the challenges here in Austin. Full Throttle Productions has worked tirelessly to bring the Formula One United States Grand Prix to Austin. It is now the responsibility of the Circuit of the Americas to make this project happen before Mr Ecclestone’s patience runs out.”

Comptroller joins list of Austin F1 sceptics (Austin-American Statesman)

“We will not be disbursing money in advance. By the way, it’s not a problem for them, I don?t think. That?s not a sticking point for them. I don?t think the state has any part to play in whatever their controversies are, which I don?t know what they are. I really don’t.”

Landowners near F1 track worried (Kxan via YouTube)

COTA: We?re happy to wait for 2013 (Adam Cooper)

COTA boss Steve Sexton: “We have been excited for and working towards a 2012 United States Grand Prix race and now understand that Mr. Ecclestone is interested in moving the Austin race to 2013. We know the US market is important to the teams and their sponsors and 2013 certainly allows time for the Circuit of The Americas to be ready.??

Mark Webber says drivers want DRS rethink (BBC)

Webber says drivers want the use of DRS to be restricted in practice and qualifying as it is in the races. But without the incentive to run longer gear ratios for qualifying, will the system still provide any benefit for overtaking in the race?

Gutierrez: Crash all part of learning (Autosport)

“I’ve driven the F1 car four times before and not crashed, so there’s always a first time. To know the limit, you have to. It was because of a mistake with the DRS.”

Sutil hopeful of Force India stay in 2012 (Daily Mail)

[Adrian] Sutil’s manager, Manfred Zimmermann, reckons there’s every chance Sutil will begin a sixth season with Force India next year.”

BIC gets an award (The Telegraph Calcutta)

“Buddh International Circuit (BIC), which played host to India?s first Formula One Grand Prix on October 30, has been awarded the ‘Motorsport Facility of the Year’ award at the Professional Motorsport World Expo 2011, held in Cologne, Germany.”

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Comment of the day

Thoughts from Portugoose on this year’s young driver test line-up:

I find it rather odd that McLaren picked Turvey and Paffet over Kevin Magnussen. The young Dane is part of their young driver development scheme, and he also had a brilliant second half to his British Formula 3 season which was marred by an unusually high amount of mechanical failures.

For the next young driver?s test, I?d really like to see Gravity-backed Richie Stanaway test for Renault instead of Charouz. Charouz is not a completely bad driver; his impressive LMS record proves this. However, since he returned to open-wheel racing, he hasn?t really achieved much, especially in the World Series by Renault. Essentially, his whole career has been driven by his father, who runs the successful Charouz Racing System team.

Chilton and the two Venezuelans, based on their GP2 records, did not deserve their runs. Leimer, Coletti, Razia, Clos and Turvey have been too average in GP2. That being said, they do have potential.

Based on Formula Renault 3.5 results, Charouz and Berthon did not deserve the tests they receive, although Berthon had a strong rookie season in the series.

On the flipside, Ceccon, Vergne, Bianchi, Korjus, Pic, Bottas, Bortolotti, Wickens, and to an extent, Gutierrez and Bird, all deserved the tests as they have impressed this year in their respective categories.

All in all, money talks. If it didn’t, there wouldn?t be any Venezuelans participating and I believe we’d see the likes of Felipe Nasr, Albert Costa, and Roberto Merhi in Formula One cars.

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On this day in F1

Takuma Sato won the Macau F3 Grand Prix ten years ago today. He had already signed with Jordan to make his F1 debut the following season.

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