Vitaly Petrov, Renault, Yas Marina, 2011

Petrov apologises after Renault outburst

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In the round-up: Vitaly Petrov back-tracks after criticising Renault.


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Vitaly Petrov hits out at Renault over lack of progress (Autosport)

“I couldn’t say in interviews that we lost it with the pitstops, and I cannot talk about that now either. But I can’t keep silent any more – it is over. I can’t keep everything inside any more.”

Boullier says Petrov incident is closed (ESPN)

“We take this incident as exactly this – an incident. Vitaly has apologised to the team and sent an email to all the staff at Enstone. As far as we are concerned, the matter is closed.”

Pedro de la Rosa: The teams must urgently establish and agree a limited schedule of private group tests (Formula Santander)

“It makes perfect sense to me to limit and control tests in order to contain costs, but come on, limiting them to 3 days a season exclusively for ‘young drivers’ seems an exaggeration and an aberration for a sport which should be the prime example of competitiveness and innovation in the world of motor racing competition.”

Time running out for Renault’s Robert Kubica to prove F1 fitness (The Guardian)

Eric Boullier: “The situation with Robert is easy. We have a moral obligation to make sure we give him a chance. I am waiting for him to tell me how he feels. I need a commitment from him.”

SFO eyes probe into F1 bribery allegations (FT, registration required)

“The {serious Fraud Office] told the FT: ‘The SFO is aware of the allegations against Mr Ecclestone and is liaising with the authorities in Germany to ascertain if there is a case in the UK to answer.'”

Formula One: Hellmund says there will be a US Grand Prix if payment is made (Autoweek)

??There’s a solution. If Mr Ecclestone and [Formula One Management] get their money, there’s a Grand Prix next November. It’s that simple.??

Mirko Bortolotti on his Williams F1 test (Formula Two)

“It’s hard to compare the 2011 car with the previous F1 cars [Ferrari and Toro Rosso] I have driven but it’s definitely a step up which I had to get used to. This car has things like KERS and new Pirelli tyres which took time to adjust to and of course the new track.”

Abu Dhabi Grand Prix race video edit

Highlights from last week’s race.

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Comment of the day

Javlinsharp’s thoughts on Sebastian Vettel equalling Nigel Mansell’s record of pole positions in a season:

I cant decide what impresses me more, the dominace of Mansell?s car, and all the excellent engineering behind it, or the sheer will and skill from Mansell himself to tar his teammate so badly.

In my opinion this is a prime example of the watered down nature for F1 today, rule books, and other non-racing pressures have taken their toll on the purity of engineering and driving perfection.

The number one car is a warm example that even today, these high ideals can shine through, (Newey?s work is supreme, and Vettle extracted the maximum from it), but the days are gone when some engineer?s genius can be allowed to operate so freely.

Ah well, welcome to the kinder, gentler world where everyone is OK, at the cost of the exemplary.

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Four years ago today Toyota signed Timo Glock, at the time the reigning GP2 champion, to replace Ralf Schumacher at their team in 2008.