Vitaly Petrov, Renault, Valencia, 2011

R31 “a bold but failed experiment”

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In the round-up: James Allison says the R31 was short on downforce from the first test.


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“Renault say 2011 car was ‘failed experiment’ (Reuters)

“We came out of the blocks adequately well, although it was clear from the first test that the delivered downforce was not as high as we had expected. The season which followed has been difficult for everyone at Enstone.”

Bernie Ecclestone: 'I'd float F1 in Singapore' (Telegraph)

“If I wanted to dispose of the company today I would float it in Singapore or Hong Kong.”

Will Rose be revved up? (FT, registration required)

“People close to F1 say the buy-out company has a plan that could be readily activated but that it is ??absolutely committed?? to Mr Ecclestone unless there is a material change of circumstances.”

Lingering hopes for US Grand Prix (The Independent)

[Tavo] Hellmund said: “I’m really optimistic and hopeful we’re going to have a Grand Prix.”

Manish Pandey on Twitter

“Very sad and surprised that Senna has not made the shortlist for the best documentary Oscar, comprised of 15 films. Hope BAFTA feel differently.”

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Comment of the day

Noelinho says greater engineering freedom doesn’t necessarily equal more exciting competition in F1:

It?s worth remembering that such freedom comes at the cost of equilibrium. The freer the formula, the greater the likelihood that one team will dominate ?ǣ and Red Bull this year have nothing on the late ?80s and early ?90s (or Ferrari in the 2000s at times).

How much value is placed on that balance is open for debate, but the last thing I want to see is one team dominating with a clear number one driver. Formula 1 is not a single-chassis formula, but at the same time, from a marketing point of view, it must be fiercely competitive formula at the front.

From the forum

Alex Khodabukus has a question on buying tickets for the Monaco Grand Prix.

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On this day in F1

A Maserati appeared in an F1 race for the final time on this day in 1960.

Robert Drake finished 13th, seven laps behind race winner Stirling Moss, in a Maserati 250F in the race at Riverside in California.