Single DRS zone in Brazil and track changes for 2012

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Nico H???lkenberg, Fernando Alonso, Interlagos, 2010

After double DRS zones in the last two races, a single zone will be used for the Brazilian Grand Prix this weekend.

The zone will be placed on the Reta Oposta straight between Curva do Sol and Subida do Lago (turns three and four).

Race director Charlie Whiting said: “There will be one DRS zone on the back straight.

“We think this will be enough, as the main straight usually gives a good enough opportunity to overtake anyway, so we don?t want to make it too easy.”

Here’s a diagram of the DRS zone for the race:

DRS zone, 2011 Brazilian Grand Prix, Interlagos
DRS zone, 2011 Brazilian Grand Prix, Interlagos

Whiting added that some small changes would be made to the circuit this year but bigger revisions were planned for 2012:

“There are a couple of minor changes to the circuit but next year there could be something much bigger.

“We?re hoping to build a new pit entry and a larger run-off around the last corner, but this is a big job as it will require removing a couple of permanent grandstands. We?ve had assurances from the city of Sao Paulo that they?ll support this project.”

The circuit has seen more than one fatal accident this year, one of which occurred at the final corner, Curva do Cafe, which has limited run-off.

2011 Brazilian Grand Prix

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