Felipe Massa, Abu Dhabi, 2011

Massa must “prove himself” – Montezemolo

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In the round-up: Luca di Montezemolo warns Felipe Massa to raise his game.


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Montezemolo warns Felipe “You have to prove yourself” (La Gazzetta dello Sport)

“Let’s hope he can finish the season with a good result in Brazil, we expect great things from him in 2012 and then we’ll decide how to proceed. Let’s say he’ll have to prove himself next season.”

Brazilian Grand Prix – Massa?s Ferrari Century (Ferrari)

Ferrari have counted right this time – it is Felipe Massa’s 100th start for them this weekend.

F1 Fanatic via Twitter

“On Friday Luiz Razia will drive in place of Jarno Trulli in the first practice session for Lotus.”

Wickens pushing for 2012 Formula 1 race seat (GP Update)

“My goal is to get a race seat in any Formula 1 team. I feel like I?m ready, I?m 22 and there are now a lot of drivers on the grid who I have actually competed against. So I see no reason why I shouldn?t be able to join them there.”

A good sign from Bahrain (Joe Saward)

“This is all well and good but it is still not clear whether a Grand Prix is a good idea as it could still act as a target for protest, which would not help Bahrain and would certainly not help F1.”

Bahrain on edge before report on protest crackdown (Associated Press via Google News)

“The government’s conciliatory tone in advance suggests authorities in the island kingdom believe it could cast a harsh light on the tactics used against demonstrators and already noted in rights groups allegations: widespread arrests, purges from workplaces and universities, destruction of Shiite mosques and jail house abuses.”

BBC Tees interview with Rob Smedley (YouTube)

No fear for Jenson Button (Sporting Life)

“We have more security this year. I think every driver you see will have a police escort, and they should do.”

Gianluca Pisanello via Twitter

“Passport, FIA pass, computer. Everything ready for Brazil. Now only missing a bulletproof vest for the trips to the circuit…”

The Monaco Grand Prix opener (BBC)

“Watch the introduction to the 2011 Monaco GP which has won the Royal Television Society’s prize for Programme Content Sequences.”

Ann Bradshaw via Twitter

“Sad news that Sheridan Thynne died at the weekend. A gentleman and a one-off. Such fun to work with at Williams. Thinking of his wife Eve.”

Matt Cox (McLaren) via Twitter

“Going to visit Ayrton Senna’s grave on Monday to pay our respects.”

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Comment of the day

Tilkedromes and DRS passes: the future of F1? This from GeeMac:

So the highest proportion of DRS-assisted passes were seen at Abu Dhabi (Tilkedrome), Valencia (Tilkedrome), India (Tilkedrome), Turkey (Tilkedrome) and Spain (final sector reworked by Tilke).

Not knocking the dude (I acknowledge that his hands are tied when it comes to designing new tracks), it is just an observation.


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Happy birthday!

Happy birthday to Damonsmedley!

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And happy birthday to Ross Brawn who is 57 today!