Drivers praise 2011 rules changes

2011 F1 season

Jenson Button, Mark Webber, Buddh International Circuit, 2011

Button and Webber race for position in India

Drivers credited the introduction of new tyres and DRS, plus the reintroduction of KERS, with improving racing in 2011.

Speaking in today’s press conference Michael Schumacher said: “To me, I think it is very obvious that we have improved big time. We have had incredible races this year.

“I take one particular example and I think it?s pretty fresh still, and that?s Korea. If you think about the fight that Mark Webber and Lewis [Hamilton] had together over there; without DRS, it would have been nowhere close, we wouldn?t have seen anything.

“It would have just been a normal kind of old traditional kind of race and in that respect, it may not always work out perfectly, there?s a little room to improve the situation but in general it has contributed a lot to some great racing.”

Jenson Button said: “I think DRS on its own is good but personally I feel that having KERS has really helped us this year.

“I think we can really use it to our advantage, to overtake and obviously to try and block a position, so that, for me, has been as big as DRS.”

Button added the new tyres supplied by Pirelli have also contributed to better racing this year: “I think that at the start of the season, especially, when we were trying to work out what the tyres were like and how many laps they would run and what the degradation was like, I think there was a lot of overtaking.

“Some of it came from looking after the tyres but also a lot of it came from people pitting, coming back out onto the circuit and being two or three seconds quicker than other cars.”

But he admitted the tyres are now making less of a difference: “It seems a little bit different now, the degradation of the tyre doesn?t seem to be as high, it doesn?t seem to drop off a cliff like it did earlier this year. Maybe that?s just our car, I don?t know, but that?s the way it seems.

“It seems that they are more conservative with the choice of tyres towards the end of the season, meaning that the degradation is lower and I think that that will be the case here also. I personally liked it at the start of the year when we had a lot of degradation, I thought that was more fun but personally I feel that Pirelli?s done a great job this year.

“To come into Formula One… you know you can?t hide coming into Formula One. I think that they?ve done a great job, they?ve definitely been a part of the action this year. There?s been a lot of great overtaking and some of it does come down to tyres. So yeah, I think KERS, DRS and the Pirelli tyres have all worked very well together. We?ve just got to hope that it doesn?t change too much next year.”

Rubens Barrichello said racing is “fun the way it is” this year.

“Obviously when you give a tyre to a driver you?re talking about more or less grip, you?re always trying to go for more grip and the faster you go, the more pleasure you have, so at the beginning of the year, I think everyone had to adapt a little bit, not that the Pirelli was worse than the Bridgestone, it was just different and you had to treat the tyres differently.

“That was the special feeling about it and when we talked about grip, in testing it seemed that it was not enough with the temperature that we had there, but then when we went racing, there was a lot of overtaking and I think Pirelli had done a really good job to actually help that. So together with the DRS and the KERS, I think the show has improved and let?s hope that?s the way Formula One?s going to be for the long term.”

2011 F1 season

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93 comments on Drivers praise 2011 rules changes

  1. gr1mr4kn3ss (@gr1mr4kn3ss) said on 24th November 2011, 23:29

    I do agree that the DRS is not the most clever way to deal with the aero problem, but it is a way, after all we did see, in my opinion, a fantastic season regarding the races. I do think that they can find a way to go around that problem without overtaking being ridiculously easy at some points. Maybe a tweak to the DRS zones or detection points. On my side, I think DRS hasn’t made any difference in how I feel for F1, partly because I don’t think its the biggest change in the rules or the greatest challenge for the drivers to adapt and partly because….

    I watched USA 2005!!! From start to finish!

    That must mean I’m an F1 fanatic…. no DRS or “fake gimmick” could make me stop watching.

  2. Anti-RBR (@matt2208) said on 24th November 2011, 23:47

    F1 Need to go back to the 2008 cars & regs. the cars are getting slower and slower every year. We need refueling back. And the last thing good tracks with no (NO) run offs..Let the drivers pay for there mistakes. Just my opinion . Have a good one lads.

    • Keith Collantine (@keithcollantine) said on 24th November 2011, 23:58

      the cars are getting slower and slower every year.

      This was also the case before 2008.

      We need refueling back.

      Not if you want good racing we don’t:

      14 reasons to love the refuelling ban

      • Anti-RBR (@matt2208) said on 25th November 2011, 0:50

        Keith Mate .The two that get me 4. Racing will be less artificial. the ”racing” now is more artificial in my opinion. 6. No more fuel-saving means they’re flat out all the way. Do we not hear team radios saying to there driver save fuel in the race?. in my opinion there hasn’t really been the best of racing this year. have a good one mate.

  3. Thomas (@infi24r) said on 25th November 2011, 2:01

    I think 2011 has been the worst season since I started watching F1 in 2005.

  4. Riffa said on 25th November 2011, 6:13

    I just read that they just approved where DRS will be employed in Brazil. In fact, the headline said something like ‘FIA specifies where it will allow racers to pass other racers.” Personally, I always thought you passed someone cause you were faster, or you juked a better move, or someone messed up, not cause the ‘track’ gave you permission. It has really gone too far when the racers themselves approve of artificial passing. I have always watched F1 for racing, and I will continue to watch F1. But not for racing.. just for entertainment soap opera value. Cause I know it’s rigged. Hopefully someday F1 will realize that cars are not airplanes and get rid of the airplane wings. Till then, expect DRS and water sprinklers or some bs like that.

  5. MRIYAZ (@hu176153) said on 25th November 2011, 8:40

    If anyone of f1fanatics would like to learn online course on Motor Sports Management now the solution is on your finger tips. If you are interested please contact me.

  6. Can somone remind me how many on track racing changes for the lead we’ve had this season.
    Is it none or one? three max.

  7. wasiF1 (@wasif1) said on 25th November 2011, 13:19

    For sure this year the racing has been better & probably this has to be one of the exciting season even Seb won the title early,I agree with the fact that in the last 4-5 races we didn’t see too much tyre wear but I hope from 2012 we will have even better racing.

  8. AndrewTanner (@andrewtanner) said on 25th November 2011, 13:57

    I’m constantly comparing this season with last, not only from my point of view but also trying to look through others eyes.

    Last year the racing itself wasn’t as exciting. I blame sterile tyres. But we had a fantastic challenge for the championship that literally went down to the wire. This year we’ve had virtually no competition for the championship and great racing. Six of one and half a dozen of the other.

    We’ve had two completely polarising seasons, each with their own reasons to get excited about.

    I’ve really enjoyed this year and I think the addition of DRS has made it more entertaining. Not always necessarily on track. I’d like to thank F1 for giving us something to bicker about weekend after weekend. It certainly got people talking!

    And all those who say they will switch off? I’ll be surprised if even 10% of them do.

    Support your sport. It’s yours to enjoy. F1 listened and tried to deliver. Things aren’t perfect but don’t pretend they were before.

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