Robert Kubica banner, Barcelona, 2011

Kubica’s manager disputes Renault claims

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In the round-up: Robert Kubica’s manager says they will “look for alternative solutions” to Renault.


Top F1 links from the past 24 hours:

Kubica hopes to start season – manager (ESPN)

Renault will go its way with regards to the drivers, while we will look for alternative solutions. His contract does not extend into 2012. It ends at the end of December, so from January 1 will we be free to go in whatever direction.”

US F1 Grand Prix circuit owners tear up Bernie Ecclestone’s contract (The Guardian)

“Cota issued a statement on Thursday claiming it is prepared to pay Ecclestone, the Formula One supremo, the race sanctioning fee that will allow the event to go ahead next year in Austin, Texas but, in an astonishing show of defiance, it has also torn up the standard race agreement and sent Ecclestone its own version in return, which it is now expecting him to sign.”

Ecclestone dismissive of Austin contract offer (Reuters)

“Asked whether his contract was really ‘unrealistic and unfeasible’, Ecclestone replied: ‘Yeah, well they shouldn’t sign it. My advice to them is don’t sign it. And they probably won’t get the opportunity.'”

F1 for a tenner! Sky to make dedicated channel available to Freeview (Daily Mail)

“In a move aimed at appeasing frustrated British F1 fans following the unprecedented switch from terrestrial to pay-TV, I?m told that Sky will operate the package at a cost thought to be around ??10-a-month.”

Horner wants FOTA progress on RRA (Autosport)

“It is important that a direction with RRA is resolved. It is an issue that is crucial to resolve quickly if FOTA is to have a chance of succeeding in the areas that it needs to focus on.”

Lewis Hamilton: ‘I still love Nicole’ (Daily Telegraph)

“Formula One racing driver Lewis Hamilton has spoken of his hopes of a reunion with his former girlfriend Nicole Scherzinger.”

Dave Ryan back in paddock with Renault (Adam Cooper)

“He is believed to be back this weekend in a temporary role with the job of taking a good look at the team and its operations, and reporting back to the management.”

Montezemolo writes to Massa: “You are part of our history” (Ferrari)

Must resist the urge to add, “…but not our future”.

??5.5 million losses for Belgian Grand Prix (GP Update)

“Although five percent less tickets were sold this year in comparison with 2010, the legendary Ardennes track enjoyed greater revenues than 12 months ago; however, a higher number of outgoings resulted in overall losses of ??5.5m (??4.7m), half a million Euros down on the losses of last year. With 45,000 tickets having been sold for the latest race, the circuit would need to vend some 20,000 more in order to break even.”

Lloyds directors risk prosecution as Virgin heads for F1 scrapheap (The Independent)

“This could push Virgin out of Formula 1 since the company facing dissolution owns Manor Grand Prix Racing limited, the direct signatory to the Concorde Agreement, the contract which grants the team a slot on the sport’s grid.”

Brazilian GP – Conference 1 (FIA)

Rubens Barrichello: “I?ve been there for 19 seasons, I?ve been doing this for such a long time, I?ve been wanted for such a long time here, so I feel good. I feel that I still have a lot of youth on me, and it?s not something that I?m asking ??please, give me the drive?. If somebody wants me to drive on a competitive basis it?s because they believe I can do a very good job ?ǣ that?s why I?m here.”

John Sertori via Twitter

“Expect to see a lot of Rubens on TV this race. A special camera has been mounted over his car in the Williams garage.”

Rubens Barrichello's helmet, Interlagos, 2011
Rubens Barrichello's helmet, Interlagos, 2011

Rubens Barrichello via Twitter

“Finally the picture… my helmet for the weekend.”

A very negative report on Bahrain (Joe Saward)

“All things considered the government of Bahrain does not come out of the report well. Much work needs to be done to heal the wounds created and there continues to be regular trouble on the streets.”

F1 Fanatic via Twitter

“There will be a tribute to Nelson Piquet (Snr, of course) on Sunday before the race. It’s 30 years since he won his first championship.”

Indianapolis 500 winner Jim Rathmann dead at 83 (AutoWeek)

“Jim Rathmann, winner of the 1960 Indianapolis 500 and 1958’s international 500-mile ‘Race of Two Worlds’ at Italy?s famous Monza circuit, died on Wednesday 23rd November.”

Leveson: Max Mosley on “outrageous” invasion of his privacy (YouTube)

Lewis Hamilton on Google+

“26 years old, Formula 1 Racing Car Driving. Love my family and friends. This is my life…”

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Comment of the day

The DRS debate goes on – here’s a sample of the pro- and anti-arguments yesterday:

Just have not enjoyed the racing as much and have not enjoyed a single pass aided by DRS, All just too artificial for my liking. I think this season would have been a lot better and had more exciting on track duels had we not had DRS.

Looking at the Mercedes statistics, There is still a high level of overtaking not including DRS moves, More than enough to please the “We just want more overtaking” crowd so I don?t think we really even need DRS.

It takes just a look on the “rate the race” articles to realise how great this season has been. Even if DRS was “gimmicky”, it has definitely helped improve the show, alongside KERS and Pirelli tyres.

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Stirling Moss won the Australian Tourist Trophy at the wheel of a Maserati 300S on this day 55 years ago.

Moss won the race, held on the original Albert Park circuit, by over a lap from team mate Jean Behra in another 300S.