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Horner: Teams hopeful of RRA solution by 2012

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In the round-up: Christian Horner says the Resource Restriction Agreement has been “effectively been taken out of FOTA”.


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Brazilian GP – Conference 2 (FIA)

Christian Horner: “We met this morning and it has been decided that the RRA has effectively been taken out of FOTA for the time being, to try and achieve a solution […] from a Red Bull point of view we’re keen to find a solution and we’re hopeful that one can be found between now and the end of 2011.”

Hulkenberg looking forward to 2012 (Reuters)

Nico Hulkenberg on his pole position at Interlagos last year: “Obviously the conditions made it possible, at that time the car performed quite well and I pulled a mega lap which I couldn’t have done better and obviously that is what big teams and names want to see. That’s the way you impress them.”

Button given chance to regain crown (The Times, subscription required)

“One of Formula One?s top engineers, who did not want to be named because he has worked at close quarters with Button and Vettel, explained the difference between the one-lap hotshot and drivers who think their way to victory: ‘I always feel that Sebastian [Vettel] or Jenson [Button] use only about 50 per cent of their brain capacity when they drive […] Lewis [Hamilton] is probably the fastest man in Formula One but you wonder whether he needs 99 per cent of his brain to drive faster than a man using only half that, which explains why he makes mistakes. Look at how few mistakes Jenson and Sebastian make.”

Red Bull auctions off 2011 kit

“Proceeds will go to the Wings for Life spinal cord research foundation.”

Emerson Fittipaldi via Twitter

“Tried to see Bernie and Tamas at track, but was blocked by a lady named Roseli, thank you. Better received last weekend at NASCAR.”

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Comment of the day

Very few people had anything positive to say about BBC’s selection of F1 races for 2012. PJA offered some thoughts why:

I wonder how the BBC?s deal works with regard to choosing races.

When the initial announcement was made the BBC said they would always show Monaco, Britain and season finale.

I assume that after that BBC and Sky took it turns to divide the remaining races between them in the same way you often picked teams when at school.

The things I am uncertain of are if there is condition that the gap between the races the BBC doesn?t show cannot be more than so many races, if you look at the schedule the biggest gap is two races in a row which are Sky exclusives.

Also apart from the races the BBC will show every year do they have to alternate so that if a race is not picked in 2012, in 2013 it will get priority over a race which was shown in 2012.

If these had to be taken into consideration you could understand why the races the BBC will show are a mixed bag and wouldn?t be any fan?s pick of the ten races they would choose to see.

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Happy birthday!

Happy birthday to Carlos Santos and Nick!

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On this day in F1

Happy birthday to Desire Wilson, who turns 58 today.

Wilson is the only woman to have won a race for F1 cars – not a round of the world championship, but the now-defunct British Formula 1 championship race at Brands Hatch in 1980. Wilson drove a Wolf WR4.

A new biography of Wilson has recently been published by Veloce:

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