Adrian Sutil, Nico Rosberg, Interlagos, 2011

Rate the race: 2011 Brazilian Grand Prix

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What did you think of the Brazilian Grand Prix? Rate the race out of ten and leave a comment below:

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152 comments on “Rate the race: 2011 Brazilian Grand Prix”

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  1. sid_prasher (@)
    27th November 2011, 18:03

    bland race! Would have been nice if it had rained…

    How good is RBR when the finish 1-2 after a car has a mechanical issue…they just smashed everyone else this year.
    Here is hoping for a 4 team (at least) challenge next year…

  2. Let’s pretend for a moment that we’re rational people who base our conclusions on the available evidence. What is the evidence that there were team orders today, other than the fact that Vettel was able to make it to the finish and stay in second place with an alleged gearbox problem? (This is a serious question. I’m honestly curious.)

    1. No evidence so far I think. Why would they do that, and why so early in the race if there could still have been rain? And it wasn’t going to get Webber 2nd in the WDC unless Button didn’t score points. Trade a win for a 3rd in the WDC? Doesn’t seem likely.

    2. I’ll ‘pretend to be a rational person’ for a second and have a think…no, still no evidence of team orders.

      1. I’m obviously including myself among those who aren’t always rational! ;-)

        1. Lack of evidence of something is NOT evidence that it does not exist – Absence Of Evidence Is No t Evidence Of Absensce (argumentum ad ignorantiam).

          People who say there is no evidence of teams orders are under the same pressure to provide evidence to prove the point, as people who say there were.

          1. Hahaha. I would say that the team provided an explanation, and the burden of proof is on those who claim it’s a lie.

    3. The best evidence I can come up with to form a rational argument is that they managed to do the impossible by fixing a mechanical problem through telepathy. Mechanical problems always require a physical intervention of some sort, especially a gearbox.

  3. I think a 6. We were all expecting rain and a classic Interlagos thriller, but it never came. It’s easy to say it was really bad, but it was definitely better than India, Valencia, even Silverstone I’d say.

  4. Fix ! Everything I hate about F1,absolutely taking the mike out of the f1 public, an artifical result completely engineered, seems the Macs are the only team that run with two drivers allowed to win throughout the season…jesus and all the moaning about DRS (that worked well today) and not a peep about vettels “dodgy gear box”.

    1. I’d like to know what specifically convinces you it was a “fix”.

      1. I don’t know if it was a fix (I tend to believe it but…). However, the fact that team orders are now legal is in my opinion not a strong argument against the “conspirational theory”. Beyond the legality, RB (and Mc Laren to a lesser extent) are adamant of free racing between their drivers. A clear team order goes against RBR public image and communication strategy. And this is key for them as a team and as 100% sports drink sponsored. one

    2. See you later then!

      1. Excuse that comment…thought you’d written you hate everything about F1 or something.

        In all fairness though there were dodgy gearboxes throughout the field, not just something dreamed up by Red Bull. Also, I don’t think Webber would have looked that genuinely happy if it were a fix. Like Brundle was saying, he wears his heart on his sleeve.

        1. And you are seriously under-estimating Vettel, who will race his little socks off, even when he doesn’t need to.

  5. Another German finishes the race in 2nd position with gearbox problems… fine it wasn’t as imperious as was Schumacher at Catalunya, but impressive nevertheless. Button, what now his detractors both in and out of McLaren going to say about him. Button has finished every race with a strong points finish, except when his car let him down, so a great season for him, which could have been even better, but isn’t bad as it is. Button has put Hamilton firmly in second place within what was once known as “Team Hamilton”, my bad, McLaren. Alonso pulled quite a stunning move on Button and Button’s rambling doesn’t take away anything from Alonso’s effort. You must capitalize on errors of others in racing… shows why the car finishes higher than it should. Massa, it was nice to see the lad actually put on a small show for the fans at the end of the GP. Webber hopefully would pump himself up and will do a job as good as in ’10 and may be push Seb harder. Barrichello will be missed, both as a racer and a nice man to boot. Who can forget his win at Hockenheim from the last position and another such feat at Monza.

    I don’t know what people are complaining about as a lot of them accept and propose rule changes which slow down development. Modern GP era has been like this for a while now. Especially with rule changes slowing down both testing and development, one car which has an advantage has gone on to dominate the season. McLaren in ’08. Brawn/ Honda in ’09. RBR in ’10 and ’11. Unless rules are changed to allow development, do not expect to see a very close finishing championships like those of late 90’s and before.

    1. Nice analysis and comments. x

    2. Great point about development…I just find it hollow with the smaller teams being out of the equation…it’s like they don’t exist.

    3. ” Button has put Hamilton firmly in second place within what was once known as “Team Hamilton””

      Don’t gloat yet.. Hamilton won him last year. If Jenson can beat him a second time say in 2012, then we can use the word ”firmly”. Until then, let’s call it 1:1.
      I am a Maclaren fan and I like both drivers the same way.

  6. The race was a 5 for me. It was going for a 7 till Senna destroyed Schumi’s race (at that point went to a 1), MSC should have waited for the DRS zone though. Nothing else to watch so I keep the tv on and then I saw the Mclaren gear box dying and suddenly it became a 5. About the Red Bull gearbox IMO you can’t continue having a pace like that with a gearbox problem so I guess they might be team orders.

    1. Hamilton was doing about the same pace as Button before his gearbox failed completely…

      So what is it, can a driver continue on the same pace with a problem or can’t he…

      1. Red Bull have wings.Any mechanical problem and the wings take off.

  7. sid_prasher (@)
    27th November 2011, 18:20

    Wow, I didn’t expect so many people will call this a stunt. So Vettel needed to have a DNF for us to believe that there was a gear box issue? I think we are not being fair to Webber or RBR here.
    There was nothing to be gained by Vettel trying to defend his position once it was known that there was a gear box issue.

  8. 6/10
    The most entertaining part was Massa doing doughnuts.
    I am disappointed by this race, it was an anti-climax with the rain not coming and the battles for positions in the standings not being accompanied by battles on the track. The only nice duel was between Massa and Hamilton, although the McLaren had a gearbox problem.
    I believe there actually was a gearbox problem with Vettel, I don’t think Red Bull are stupid enough to scare their driver with a “serious” problem for half of the race, putting at risk his podium position. Curious though how it didn’t get worse and resolved itself in the end.
    Nice to see Webber win, good race by Button and great race by Vettel. How he managed to get fastest laps with a gerabox problem is beyond me.

    1. sid_prasher (@)
      27th November 2011, 18:26

      Also liked the fact that Massa let Barichello through near the end…

  9. A couple of incidences in the mid field made it more interesting on a political level for guys trying to get / keep a seat for 2012. Sutil had a good race, but may not race for Force India, Senna qualified well, but got penalised and ended up towards the back and Rubens got a terrible start but had a decent recovery… Will be sad to see Rubens go, but can’t see him staying.

  10. Disappointing. Alonso saved the day with that overtake in Jenson. Nothing more interesting happened after that.

    1. jenson let him through avoiding debris

    2. Sadly, that wasn’t even a real overtake.

      Button saw debris and gave his position up.

    3. Yeah, I know that, but that don’t invalidate Fernando braveness and the beauty of the pass.

  11. Gotta be a 6, wasn’t as bad as Valencia but not great. Hasn’t been a truly exciting race since Japan, imho.
    Still, we have been lucky to have some classic races this season, I’m sure in previous years this would have gone down as more exciting, relative to all the rest of the year.

  12. Gear box problem indeed!! Yet Vettel kept doing 270 km/h for almost 2 hrs… Gear box problem indeed!! Just enough for him to slow down and let Webber thru , but no other person.
    Gear box problem indeed!! Is when letting Mark thru will put Webber firmly in 3rd place and Alonso out!!

    Gear box problem indeed!! Is when the car stops you right in an attempt to over take.

    1. Bitching, whining, bitching, whining.

      Sorry, that’s all I read.

    2. sid_prasher (@)
      27th November 2011, 19:22

      Over dramatic comment indeed!

  13. It was ok, spiced up by Vettels gearbox misfortune and the close running of the ferraris and McLarens until the last stint. 6/10 for me.

  14. Thought it was a decent race. Those thinking it was ‘dull dull dull’ clearly didnt witness the Schumacher years!

    Happily its the last race I’ll watch that I’ll have to suffer Eddie Jordan.

  15. 3/10

    Boring! No rain, no SC, fake gearbox problems, real gearbox problems, Eddie Jordan wearing normal t-shirt…

    Can’t wait for 2012 season!

    1. “fake gearbox problems, real gearbox problems,”

      Please elaborate.

      Vettel kept losing time to Webber, Hamilton didn’t lose that much time to Button….

      Is it only “real” when the gearbox actually totally fails?

      Maybe Hamilton should have done what Vettel did and he would have made it to the end as well.

      1. Actually he did start to loose pace right about when they radioed to him the gear box fault. At that time, he could not go around Massa for about a couple of laps before his gear box totaly failed and Button had no slight problem passing Massa.

      2. Lewis was losing oil in gearbox since lap 10, they knew he wouldn’t make it to the end, but keep pushing hard. And Vettel, with his gearbox “problem”, actually made few faster laps than Webber at the time.

  16. Great to hear that KOV is “nailed” to Lotus.

  17. I know this is the ‘rate the race’ post but I just have to rant: ridiculous penalising Senna!
    Alguersuari ruined Rubens’ race last year (look for ‘Accident – Jaime Alguersuari and Rubens Barrichello’ at ) in an incident that was bad driving from him but still just an incident.
    C’mon the stewards are acting as if they need to teach the drivers how to drive. They’re there to penalise unsportsmanship, not mistakes.

  18. 6 out of 10.

    Nothing special but not a complete snooze fest like Japan or Valencia.

  19. 4. Worst race of the season. Other dull races at least had some tension, this only had forgone conclusions and mild intrigue. Some nice action, but nothing amazing.

  20. I give 7 out of 10, i think sennas penalty was unfair as you can clearly see him looking at the apex and if a driver elects to go round the outside they have to avoid the car on the inside as long as the inside car doesnt crowd him off the track so racing incident at most if not msc penalty, rosebergs defensive braking was a high point and barrichello overtaking massa at the end. I also think hamilton and msc went for wet setups.

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