Senna and Schumacher differ over collision

2011 Brazilian Grand Prix

Bruno Senna, Renault, Interlagos, 2011

Bruno Senna, Renault, Interlagos, 2011

Bruno Senna said he was “absolutely surprised” to get a penalty for his collision with Michael Schumacher during the Brazilian Grand Prix.

Senna said: “We went already upstairs to the stewards to understand why the decision was taken that way. I think it was very close one way or another and I got the short stick this time so that’s it.”

He explained the stewards’ reasoning for the penalty:

“They gave me the penalty for the first touch, not the second. Not for when Michael got a puncture. I think he was trying to squeeze me a little bit. We normally turn in much, much later than that. And I had nowhere to go, so unfortunately that’s what happened.”

Schumacher blamed Senna and compared the incident to his collision with Giancarlo Fisichella in 2006:

“It had quite a few memories to 2006, my last race that I did before my retirement. Exactly the same circumstance again, somebody that seemed to have a problem to take the normal trajectory of corners and run into me.”

Senna added that drivers had suggested leaving decision on some penalties until after the race when it is hard to ascertain who is at fault:

“We think it’s very important that the race drivers are part of the stewards because they know how it feels inside the car. We were at the limit of our braking abilities there when we touched. For us the important thing is there is consistency in decisions, that we know what we can do and what we cannot do.

“We’ve been talking to [FIA race director] Charlie [Whiting] about that. Last time when there was a bit of a problem with Felipe [Massa] and Lewis [Hamilton] in India, everybody thought that was a racing incident but Massa got the penalty.

“So when we discussed that with Charlie we said that we cannot agree that when there’s a very difficult situation to judge it’s best to leave it for after the race or leave it as a racing incident. So this time I got the penalty unfortunately.”

2011 Brazilian Grand Prix

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66 comments on Senna and Schumacher differ over collision

  1. rayan (@rayan) said on 28th November 2011, 4:41

    if schumi didnt get the puncture..may be stewards would have considered it as a racing incident..

    • TribalTalker (@tribaltalker) said on 28th November 2011, 9:47

      I agree – I was surprised by the decision to penalise Senna for what looked like a racing incident, but it seems likely that the stewards wanted to equalise the penalties. As you say, MSC suffered damage from the collision so perhaps the logic was to equally disadvantage Senna.
      I see this as the stewards saying “you were both to blame”.

  2. RumFRESH (@rumfresh) said on 28th November 2011, 5:54

    No penalties required.

  3. Joey-Poey (@joey-poey) said on 28th November 2011, 6:40

    I really wish they would allow for more “racing incidents” than always pinning blame on someone.

  4. harish kakkilaya said on 28th November 2011, 6:57

    senna lost control at late braking and slid into Schumachers car. At the time of contact Michaels rear wheel was ahead of senna. The car was destabilised and you could see from the onboard cam that michael was trying to catch the car on countersteer. To expect him to even concentrate at the same time to provide more space for senna to his left, which senna had already, enough to avoid the contact would be a bit high.
    Regarding the penalty. i guess i d ve put it to racing incident. but considering schumacher had got penalty for a similar incident with kobayashi i guess i can be justified.

    what was outrageous was , the commentators on star sports- steve slater and gary anderson instantenously at the point of contact started blaming schumacher that he turned in too early leaving senna no space and deserved a penalty. the front cam then showed the space michael had give at the time of first contact. Slater then says oh senna lost control under braking and so it is a racing incident. Thats not how they should behave live on tv.
    Gary anderson s opinion was schumacher should ve waited till next corner for DRS pass . I guess thats why schumacher is 7 times champion, not waiting till next corner for the move and take it at the first oppurtunity.

    A little more balanced opinion on tv would be better.

  5. KeeleyObsessed (@keeleyobsessed) said on 28th November 2011, 8:12

    Well, it WAS your fault Senna, just do what any self-respecting driver would do and move on, you’ve got a few months until the next race and I’m sure everyone would like you to be on top form going into 2012.

    Everyone has incidents they’d rather avoid, just ask Schumi himself!

  6. Alain (@paganbasque) said on 28th November 2011, 9:46

    It was Senna┬┤s fault, Michael overtook him and he had the right to decide how to do the corner, the braziilan driver made a strange movement to defend a position which was already lost. A clear mistake and he runied the race of the german driver.

  7. AndrewTanner (@andrewtanner) said on 28th November 2011, 13:56

    Yet again, if anyone deserved a penalty it was Senna. I don’t think I would have handed it out.

    A bit harsh but at least they’re consistent with their inconsistency ;)

  8. Dhanikh said on 28th November 2011, 16:56

    Its so clear Senna braked initially knowing schumi is ahead of him and then he hits him, I think he should either race with the right spirit or just be a spectator. Senna you just spoiled a good race….

  9. imagine said on 29th November 2011, 17:07

    If we had Ayrton instead of Schumy Bruno would received a good spanking. For all the nerds making comments here, Schumy was first into the corner. The first one chooses the trajectory. The second one

  10. imagine part2 said on 29th November 2011, 17:17

    If we had Ayrton instead of Schumy Bruno would received a good spanking. For all the nerds making comments here, Schumy was first into the corner. The first one chooses the trajectory. The second one MUST avoid accident. It’s not how you think it is logic it is the way it is done. Massa fault in India is that he deliberatly collided with Lewis. But I think all brazilian drivers have this in the blood and the “big legend” was expert on this. But the same people who loves A. Senna (I don’t how many of them saw 3 complete races and how many loves him from hates Schumy for doing SOME of his “mistakes”. It’s hard to be human in this days!

  11. jhonnybook said on 8th January 2012, 15:14

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