Patrick Head, Williams, Interlagos, 2011

Patrick Head steps down at Williams F1 team

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In the round-up: Patrick Head will step down from his F1 role at Williams next year.


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Williams co-founder Head ends F1 role (Reuters)

“I am not going to be directly part of the Williams Formula 1 programme next year.”

Jenson Button via Twitter

“Patrick Head who believed in me as a teenager and gave me a chance in F1 with Williams has decided to call it a day. Thanks for everything mate.”

Will Buston via Twitter

“Just wait for the official end of season F1 DVD. An incredible, never before seen, bit of footage of [Helmut] Marko tearing Jaime [Alguersuari] apart. Just amazing.”

According to Will this was after Alguersuari held Sebastian Vettel up during practice in Korea.

Mark Webber’s F1 win drives 4.8m viewers to the BBC (The Guardian)

Mark Webber’s first win of the season in Brazil had 4.8 million viewers between 3pm and 6.10pm, a 27.2% share of the audience, with a five-minute peak of 6.1 million.”

Formula One takes a step backwards with new TV rights deal between BBC and Sky (Daily Telegraph)

“Its authority will doubtless suffer as a result, as will the popularity of the sport. Those that want it can subscribe to Sky, but the apathetic middle will grow ever more disaffected.”

McLaren gaining confidence for 2012 (Autosport)

Martin Whitmarsh: “I think we had a shocking winter, probably one of the worst winters we have had. We were nowhere near competitive and had not done a race distance before we finished the Australian Grand Prix. That is not how you should start a season. I think we have taken some decisions based on what happened, and hopefully taken some learning from that.”

Jim Rathmann: an appreciation (MotorSport)

“Jim Rathmann won the 1960 Indianapolis 500 after a fierce, race-long duel with Rodger Ward and finished second in the great race three times in 1952, ??57 and ??59.”

Susan Combs U-turns on advancing state money for Formula One race (PolitiFact)

“[Texas State Comptroller Susan] Combs may have been justified in her recent statement that no state money would go to the race in advance. Still, it?s a reversal of her earlier promise.”

Bernie Ecclestone on Austin Q&A: “They never had the money…” (Adam Cooper)

??I was disappointed insofar as [race promoter Tavo Hellmund] had what he thought were partners that could finance the business and wouldn?t let him down. Really, they let him down and they?re trying to steal from him, get him out of it, and do the whole thing themselves.??

Hamilton hints he will extend ‘love affair’ with McLaren (Daily Mirror)

“I don’t think there’s any question of my commitment to the team, so there’s no real rush to have to do anything. I’ll just focus on the year.”

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Comment of the day

Damonsmedley says Red Bull should have been less concerned about the possibility of Vettel’s gearbox failing:

The only thing I wished for is that Sebastian ignored the team. It would have been fantastic to see a battle for the lead and really, Seb had nothing to lose if his car did fail like Lewis? did.

I was disappointed that he did what he was told, but I?m not blaming him. I just don?t understand why Red Bull didn?t let him race when it would make no difference to them if he finished or not, really.

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Happy birthday!

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On this day in F1

Michael Schumacher prepared for his F1 comeback by winning Felipe Massa’s end-of-season kart tournament in Brazil.

Massa, who was getting ready to return from injury, won the second leg of the event but Schumacher claimed overall victory: