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Thanks to F1 Fanatic’s stars of 2011 31st December 2011, 11:31

As we bid farewell to 2011 I have a few words of thanks for everyone who helped make the site possible over the last 12 months.

Alexander Rossi says he’s getting closer to F1

In the round-up: Alexander Rossi says his 2011 campaign improved his chances of reaching F1.

2011 F1 statistics part two: Vettel’s domination 30th December 2011, 13:27

How can we compare Sebastian Vettel’s achievements with other F1 champions?

Lowe: DRS removes need to change aerodynamics

In the round-up: Paddy Lowe says DRS has removed the need to alter car aerodynamics to aid passing.

2011 F1 statistics part one: car performance 29th December 2011, 9:00

Red Bull’s performance advantage in 2011 was never as large as it was last year.

Petrov and Senna not good enough – Trulli

In the round-up: Jarno Trulli criticises teams who hire “those who pay”.

New 2011 rules produced best racing of last four years 28th December 2011, 14:16

How F1 Fanatics rated the best and worst races of the year.

Sutil’s manager denies Ferrari rumours

In the round-up: Adrian Sutil-to-Ferrari rumours denied.

What F1 Fanatics really thought of the 2011 season 27th December 2011, 9:00

Results of the F1 Fanatic reader polls throughout 2011.

Chandhok considering World Endurance Championship

In the round-up: Karun Chandhok eyes a seat in the WEC.

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