Pastor Maldonado, Williams, Interlagos, 2011

Williams confirm Maldonado for 2012

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Pastor Maldonado, Williams, Interlagos, 2011
Pastor Maldonado, Williams, Interlagos, 2011

Pastor Maldonado will continue to drive for Williams in 2012, the team has confirmed.

Frank Williams said: “Pastor has proven this year that he is not only quick but also that he is able to maintain a consistent and strong race pace.

“Pastor has been responsible for all of our forays into Q3 in 2011 and his race at Monaco was outstanding. Pastor has also settled into the team at Williams very well, contributing strongly in the factory and with our partners.

“He will play a critical role in 2012 as we rebuild the team and move forward.”

Maldonado said: “This has been a tough season for the whole team but it has given me personally the opportunity to learn and develop.

“I am convinced that the steps we have taken to improve our competitiveness will bear fruit in 2012 and beyond. I am thrilled to be part of that and also to represent the people of Venezuela in Formula One.”

Valtteri Bottas, who drove for the team during the young drivers’ test, has also been announced as the team’s reserve driver for next season.

Williams said: “Valtteri has proved a very capable and rounded young man of fierce determination. As the team?s reserve driver, we anticipate that Valtteri will participate in a Friday practice session at 15 Grands Prix next year, most likely with a more experienced driver taking over for the remainder of the race weekend.”

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  1. I’m still hoping that Bruno gets the Williams seat next year. That he can have a pre-season etc..

  2. Did anybody else think Maldonado’s face on the BBC tv before the race grid graphics, looked really evil like the villan of F1? such an evil looking grin.

  3. Money talks. Now I wish they choose Sutil…

    1. Money talks.

      And you’re surprised by this? Formula 1 is expensive. Teams need money to survive, and more than half the grid bring sponsors to their teams. Coming off the back of their worst season in their history, Williams are certainly not in a position where they can overlook the contribution pay drivers make to them. If they want to recover, they need money to do it.

  4. Maldonado is not a bad driver but as Frank Williams said “Frank Williams said: “Pastor has proven this year that he is not only quick but also that he is able to maintain a consistent and strong race pace & MONEY”
    So as we don’t see Kimi I think it will be good if the team sign Sutil as he is experience & also have MONEY with him.

  5. That’s a shame

  6. Well that’s massively disappointing.

  7. Maldonado>Hulkenberg

    just sayin.

    1. I don’t think their comparative performances in 2010 and 2011 provide anything to support that – and it’s not as if you’ve shown there is.

      They were team mates in GP2 in 2009 and Hulkenberg, a rookie, thrashed Maldonado, who was in his third season.

    2. In terms of money brought through sponsorship maybe. Oh and he is more Venezuelan than Hulkenburg. That is where that statement of “greater than” ends.

      1. and has more metallic teeth!

  8. Corrected the quote for you Keith:

    Frank Williams said: “Pastor has proven this year that he is not quick but does come with a suitcase full of cash!”

  9. Honestly, I was hoping for a Petrov-Sutil line-up at Williams (with Grosjean in the Renault) but this will obviously not happen now. Maldonado isn’t all that bad; had he finished at Monaco, he’d have outscored Barrichello. Maldonado did as good as Hülkenberg, plus he carries the PDVSA funding. Sure, this is monetary decision, but with a stronger car, he could really impress.

    As for the second seat, Sir Frank Williams effectively rules out Giedo van der Garde from that seat, so I think it’s time for van der Garde to pack his bags and move to the States. The second Williams seat will either go to Petrov or Sutil…. hopefully Sutil keeps his Force India seat, Petrov takes Barrichello’d seat, and Grosjean is promoted to Renault.

  10. Two words “PAY DRIVER”

  11. I don’t want to be rude, but it’s ridiculous that meanwhile Force India is forced to sack one if their 3 excellent drivers, Maldonado gets another shot at Williams. This year, okay, they needed the money, he gets the seat, period. But after such an unimressive season like this, even with a suboptimal car, I would definetley look for another (pay-)driver, Senna and his millions would be a slightly better choice for them (emphasis on slightly, as Senna played the same role at Renault this year, I mean his money was needed to pay Heidfelds and Kubicas salary, nothing more, nothing less) instead of Maldonado, combined with an experienced driver that could either be Barrichello or Sutil or Heidfeld or whoever they just want.
    And the most disgusting in all this is the marketing communication, when they describe the Venezuelan as a vital part of the team (er, you mean vital part of the budget, right?), meanwhile they (even maybe himself) consider him maybe average…

  12. I think I’ve probably underrated Pastor a bit this year as he has had a better time against Rubens than the incredible Hulk but he’s just so easy to loathe with his attitude and antics after Spa.

  13. ‘Jaws 2’

  14. sid_prasher (@)
    2nd December 2011, 19:31

    Maldonado was ok in Europe…but generally poor every where else.

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