Alguersuari wins Massa’s kart tournament

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In the round-up: Jaime Alguersuari wins the Desafio Internacional das Estrelas kart race against a host of F1 stars.


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Surpreso, Alguersuari vence o Desafio das Estrelas (Desafio Internacional das Estrelas)

Alguersuari headed the points standings after the two races ahead of Felipe Massa, Lucas di Grassi, Rubens Barrichello and Ferrari development driver Jules Bianchi.

A bit of a “whodunnit” at Massa?s kart race (Ferrari)

“The two legs were won by Jules Bianchi, but he was disqualified after the second leg when his kart was found to contravene the weight regulations, being 600g under the regulation minimum.”

Sebastien Ogier crowned Champion of Champions (Race of Champions)

Michael Schumacher was the only F1 driver to reach the semi-finals of the Race of Champions. He was knocked out by Tom Kristensen, who lost to Sebastien Ogier in the final.

Button defends Hamilton’s performance (Autosport)

“I feel that I was driving better, and I obviously can’t speak for Lewis [Hamilton]. He had some pretty tough races but he also had some great races. In Abu Dhabi he was untouchable. He’s still got the speed.”

Bahrain jails bodybuilding champion, other sportsmen (Reuters)

“They were found guilty of illegal congregation, inciting hatred for the system, and not obeying orders regarding involvement in politics.”

Bomb blast close to British embassy in Bahrain (BBC)

“A UK Foreign Office spokeswoman said it was aware of a small blast, in the capital Manama, which had caused no casualties nor damage to the embassy.”

Add $125,000 for drinks to the cost of the Grand Prix (The Age)

“The Baillieu government said it had requested that the Australian Grand Prix Corporation reduce its hospitality expenses.”

Vettel, Webber for FIA Awards Gala in Delhi (Deccan Herald)

[Sebastian] Vettel, who won the inaugural Indian GP, will be officially crowned the 2011 Champion at the award ceremony which has been moved to India from the traditional venue in Monaco.”

Runners revel in Webber race (The Mercury)

“The inaugural Mark Webber Adventure run was a smash-hit among the 233 competitors who turned out on a wintry summer’s day for the 6.5km fun run from Henry Jones Hotel, over the Queens Domain, and return.”

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Comment of the day

Dizzy spots a trend in the ten most popular nominations for Pass of the Year:

Note how none of the best overtakes this year had anything to do with DRS.

Proves what I?ve been saying all year about DRS creating boring and unexciting passing. Ditch it!

From the forum

Happy birthday!

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On this day in F1

I’ve often been told that fans would like to see teams and drivers get to keep the same numbers from year to year. As far as I’m concerned, it’s not hard to see the appeal of F1 going down this route, which is widespread in other top motor racing categories.

At the moment the FIA assigns the teams’ numbers based on their finishing positions in the previous year’s championship. This means all the teams’ numbers can change from year to year.

Ten years ago today the FIA decided it would return to letting teams keep the same number from year to year. However, there was a change of heart before the beginning of the 2002 season, and the current system has remained in place ever since.

It wouldn’t make a great difference next season anyway as several teams finished in the same position they did last year.

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98 comments on Alguersuari wins Massa’s kart tournament

  1. damonsmedley (@damonsmedley) said on 5th December 2011, 14:42

    I feel a bit silly for not bothering to drive down to Hobart and meet Mark Webber now. I’ve heard that he was actually quite available and approachable! Hopefully he’ll do it next year. Hopefully I’ll be able to run more than 100 metres without passing out by next year, too…

    • TheBrav3 said on 5th December 2011, 17:54

      Man if i lived in aus i’d try the tas challenge i think if jb made a charity triathlon tho…i might skip that they are evil.

  2. TheBrav3 said on 5th December 2011, 17:25

    For how long have redbull run Sky sponsors and is that allowed when sky are the main broadcaster next year?

    • merlo84 (@merlo84) said on 5th December 2011, 20:25

      Red Bull have run Sky as sponsors for the last two (maybe more) Brazilian GP’s and I believe it is Brazilian Sky that sponsors them not Sky here that will be broadcasting F1 next year.

      • TheBrav3 said on 6th December 2011, 1:19

        Ah that could be it though i think i may have seen the sky sponsors in abudhabi as well need to check.

        • TheBrav3 said on 6th December 2011, 3:56

          Yup you’re correct at least i couldn’t find any sky sponsors on the car at abu dhabi either here or on sutton images.

  3. taurus (@taurus) said on 5th December 2011, 20:50

    I miss the traditional numbers! Who would take 25 & 26 now Ligier have gone? 3 & 4 would be Mercedes right? Tyrrell lineage? Toro Rosso 23 & 24?
    So glad Lotus and Lotus didnt have to argue over who got 11 &12 this year…

    Ferrari’s belong to number 27 & 28.

  4. HoHum (@hohum) said on 6th December 2011, 0:17

    Best passes of the year? caught the 2011 Goodwood revival on TV, more passes in 5 mins of classic sedan and classic GT racing than a year of F1.

  5. dkpoot said on 12th December 2011, 15:52

    I downloaded the tv coverage of this race, and even though i didnt understand the language of the commentators, i enjoyed the racing much more then any of the crap at the fraudulent race of champions meeting, this karting event is so much more entertaining and should be shown worldwide, and it had so many more big names then the race of champions.

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