Peter Gethin dies aged 71

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In the round-up: Peter Gethin, who won one of the closest F1 races ever at Monza in 1971, has died.


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Former British F1 driver Peter Gethin, dies aged 71 (BBC)

“Gethin was best known for his victory at the 1971 Grand Prix in Monza, where he took victory for BRM by just 0.01secs from Ronnie Peterson.”

Mercedes firm on FOTA despite bumpy road (Reuters)

Nick Fry: “It’s obviously quite a difficult time at the moment and clearly we, Mercedes AMG, are very supportive of cost control in Formula 1.”

FOTA members to meet on Tuesday (FOTA)

“One team principal, whose outfit remains a member of FOTA, said that the removal of Red Bull and Ferrari could actually provide some benefits to the organisation – in allowing it to get things done.”

Kimi Raikkonen impression done by Sebastian Vettel (YouTube)

Mark Webber turns attention to 2012 Formula One season (The Independent)

“The next most important race is Melbourne and next year will be different to this year, because that’s just the way I’m sure things will go.”

Clos to have HRT role in 2012 (Crash)

HRT General director Saul Ruiz de Marcos: “I think Dani is thinking more in GP2 for next year, but in one way or another will always be linked to the team. During the races, he will be by the ‘box’ and our motorhome, we want to be a shelter for the Spanish.”

David Coulthard says Kimi Raikkonen will return to Formula 1 stronger than ever before (Renault)

“He?s had some changes in his private life and he?s in a better place to have a perspective on what a great opportunity this is. Remember he came in straight from Formula Renault to Sauber, and when you go straight from being a kid in a lower formula to being immersed in Formula 1 and you?re earning all this money and have all these various distractions, I think you can?t really see the wood for the trees.”

F1 Fanatic via Twitter

“More details on Sky’s F1 team expected on Wednesday. Rumours David Croft and Anthony Davidson will join the already-confirmed Martin Brundle.”

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Comment of the day

Ajokay envisages a different kind of scoring system for F1:

I always wondered what results would be like if F1 was scored more like golf – i.e. Lowest score wins.

You get your end of year score by adding up all your results, and whoever has the lowest number wins. Failing to start (DNS/DNQ) or failing to finish (DNF) gets you 25 points.

This year, Vettel would have 28 points, plus 25 from his DNF in Abu Dhabi, making 53. Webber would be second with 85, including 25 for his one DNF.

Anyway, that’s besides the point, if this system were used for teams who didn?t score any points, adding up all results from this year, Lotus would have 703, Virgin 737, and HRT 797.

HRT are a long way behind, often finishing further back than Virgin, and gaining a higher (therefore worse) score because of it. Yet because of one single 13th place in one race that was never again replicated, Virgin end up last.

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Happy 63rd birthday to 1982 world champion Keke Rosberg!