Daniel Ricciardo, HRT, Interlagos, 2011

Ricciardo eyeing opportunity to join Lotus

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In the round-up: Daniel Ricciardo sees a chance to replace Jarno Trulli at Lotus.


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Ricciardo revs up for 2012 (The West Australian)

“If [Heikki] Kovalainen was to be my team mate, it’s someone very good to measure up to. He’s won a Grand Prix before and he’s smashed [Jarno] Trulli this year.”

Nico Hulkenberg via Twitter

“Still, there’s no news on 2012.”

Joao Paulo Oliveira via Twitter

“New drivers in F1 these days are just like bank accounts. Without a lot of money, they don’t generate a lot of interest.”

Pic: Test limit makes F1 debut tough (Autosport)

“It means I need to set up a timetable to make sure I can learn things in a different way. Six days of testing is a very short period of time, and not quite enough to be ready for Melbourne. So we need to set up a good programme so that the two months in winter can be used for the best.”

Red Bull set to dominate? (BBC)

“The implication being that the world champions did not like the RRA because they had no intention of adhering to it. FOTA had become an inconvenience.”

Rubinho Barrichello no Desafio das Estrelas 2011 (YouTube)

RTE Radio Player – Sport at Seven

Eddie Jordan confirms he will remain at the BBC in 2012.

How Hamilton passed Vettel and other inside stories from Mercedes engine HQ (James Allen)

“This was where you realise what a wasted opportunity KERS is as a story in F1, as we looked in detail at the way Lewis Hamilton used it to pass Sebastian Vettel in China. Hamilton deployed the KERS button for a good long burst in a place where you would never do it if you were looking for lap time; turns six and seven and yet he did so because he knew it could give him the surge he needed to get alongside Vettel on the inside for the left hander. And so it proved.”

Button leads tribute to Wheldon at kart race (Crash)

Jenson Button: “The early days were great, but Formula Ford was also very special – the first year of kart racing together and we had a lot of good fights that season. Most of the time you couldn’t beat him so, when you did, it really did mean a lot. He’s the guy you’d get out of bed to race.”

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Comment of the day

Fixy is not pleased by HRT’s new direction:

They should sign drivers based on their talent, not nationality, which in my opinion is worse than signing drivers for money. They aren?t signing a driver with money (equals sponsors), but someone who might get sponsors thanks to his country of origin.

Pedro de la Rosa is surely an expert driver, but when I see how they are desperate to keep ties with Dani Clos, who has seldom excelled in GP2, I feel they are exaggerated.

I?m glad they are thinking ahead and not waiting the final moments before taking such important decisions, though, and I as well am looking forward to seeing them next year, hopefully battling against Marussia.

From the forum

Following on from yesterday’s Comment of the Day, here’s another attempt at creating a superior points system. It’s a complicated approach but it boils down to a rather elegant solution: a logarithmic ranking system.

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Happy 27th birthday Robert Kubica! Hopefully we’ll see him back in a car sooner rather than later.