Sebastian Vettel, Martin Brundle, Suzuka, 2011

Brundle joined by Croft and Davidson at Sky

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Sebastian Vettel, Martin Brundle, Suzuka, 2011
Sebastian Vettel, Martin Brundle, Suzuka, 2011

David Croft and Martin Brundle will share commentary duties during Sky’s Formula 1 coverage in 2012.

Anthony Davidson will follow Croft from BBC Radio 5 Live to the satellite broadcaster and remain alongside his co-commentator in practice sessions next year.

Natalie Pinkham and Ted Kravitz will also move across from the BBC to Sky’s F1 coverage team.

The Grand Prix weekends will be hosted by Simon Lazenby and Kravitz will participate in an F1 magazine show hosted by Georgie Thompson.

Former ITV F1 host Steve Rider will also appear in the coverage, to “stage a series of big interviews with racing legends of the past and present for Sky Sports”.

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  1. I dont think its going to work. Who is the leading commentator then? I dont like this “Crofty” guy, much prefer Brundle. Also dont understand why everyone refers to him as if they were their buddy from the local pub with the Crofty thing. Its annoying! Im not buying Sky anyway, its a rip off. Refuse to pay. Have watched F1 free to air for 25 years, not paying for it now.
    End of rant :)

    1. Didn’t I just say that I am not paying for it. What are you, Sky’s marketing manager?
      Besides, £10 a month ain’t cheap. Its £120 a year, which could be spent towards something more productive than lining Sky’s pockets.

    2. Link isn’t correct.

      Sky have already said it won’t be on freeview. There working on a deal for it to appear on Virgin & BT Vision.

      1. Aren’t the sky sports channels on virgin pay per view though? so you will undoutably have to pay extra even if virgin do get the f1?

    3. No. And I’m sick of having to tell people so. It’s about time they put something on there telling people it isn’t true and never was.

      1. Sky Premium HD

        Get your chosen Sky Sports and Sky Movies channels in crystal clear HD.

        Sky Sports 3, Sky Sports 4,
        Sky Movies Premiere +1 and Disney Cinemagic are only available in standard definition.

        £7.00 a month
        for all set top boxes you want to use for Sky HD channels

  2. Strange, reading into this a bit more it would seems David Croft will be LEAD Commentator and Brundle Co-Commentator, i guess that’s because Brundle will be racing again next year and will probably miss a few races.

  3. Ok, its all about priorities people. If you smoke, then one less packet aa week pays for it. If you drink, 2 less pints a week pays for it. If you don’t want to give up £1 a day then don’t. But please stop complaining. It’s a choice whether you want it or not.

    1. And if you don’t drink and you don’t smoke and you have three kids to look after? **** muncher.

      1. You telling me you couln’t save £1 a day if you really wanted to? Don’t believe you mate

      2. I would hate to have three children and not have the spare money to be able to afford something as little as £30 a month. How irresponsible.

  4. This seems like a good mix to me. I’m finding it difficult to get too excited, knowing that Sky and Virgin are still thrashing it out. They’ve both thrown their toys out of the pram before.

  5. Well…. somehow I was expecting this but I am still disappointed that the BBC couldn’t keep David Croft, Anthony Davidson and the rest…….

    Seems like SKY is trying to make everyone to buy their product by moving them across.

    I still won’t be getting it. Bernie Ecclestone and SKY really make me sick.

    1. “Seems like SKY is trying to make everyone to buy their product by moving them across.”

      I didn’t think of it like that.

  6. Looking forward to it. I think from 2012 onwards I won’t bother with the BBC at all. No need now that I know I can get the best on Sky.

  7. I really envy you lot in the UK. You get top quality F1 coverage. We still have to put up with Steve Slater! Thank God we have Gary Anderson now, he make things bearable.

  8. Further to my post re Sky channels on VirginMedia, Page 3) this deal is only if you already have a Virgin subscription

    1. and at least one Sky sports channel

  9. For me, the one positive of this whole unfortunate scenario is the fact that I will no longer be subjected to Jake Humphrey’s cringeworthy child-like demeanour and faux bonne-hommie.

    He really has ruined F1 coverage for me.

  10. I’ve written this forum post in an effort to help those unsure over the cheapest way of getting the channel next year:

    Sky explain cheapest deal for F1 channel in 2012

  11. Andy Wood (@Racingcrazy)
    8th December 2011, 19:36

    The BBC are reaping what they sow. They sold out the fans now most of their presenters are jumping ship and leaving them with an impossible task of compeating with SKY. Unfortunatly I like so many can’t justify or afford to pay for SKYF1. I’ve now gone form being angery about the deal to morning the loss of my beloved free-to-air F1. Looks like those of us who will tune in for the BBC shows will get a second rate service for next year and by the end of 2018 we will loose F1 totally from TV. Looks like its gonna be the piracy route for me as well. As Massa would say “Well done good job!” oh and we can’t touch you can we!

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