2011 FIA Prize Giving Gala

Vettel crowned champion at FIA Gala

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In the round-up: Sebastian Vettel collects his world championship trophy.


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Vettel Collects Another Trophy… (FIA)

“After a year of triumphs Sebastian Vettel’s closing reward came at the appropriately-named Kingdom of Dreams in New Delhi, India, host venue for this year?s FIA Prize Giving Gala. The 2011 FIA Formula One World Champion collected the coveted trophy from FIA President, Jean Todt, while Red Bull Racing Team Principal Christian Horner was presented with the 2011 Constructors? Trophy by Bernie Ecclestone.”

Interview with Romain Grosjean, Lotus Renault GP driver in 2012 (Renault)

“With the reduction of the number of test sessions in F1, the driver?s technical know-how assumes even greater importance. Something I like very much is working with the engineers, trying to understand how to improve the car and pointing the work in the right direction: all this interests me very much.”

Mark Webber did not ‘crumble’ under Vettel pressure (BBC)

“Lesser drivers would have crumbled under that pressure but Mark isn’t like that. He uses the pressure to motivate himself and will come out really fired up for Melbourne in 2012.”

Q&A with Group Lotus?s Dany Bahar (F1)

“From what I know of Kimi [Raikkonen] from previous experience, he is a dedicated and determined driver and he wants results. He hasn’t taken the decision to return to F1 lightly – he wants to fight to be at front.”

All that was great about Gethin (MotorSport)

“What Gethin should be famous for is his sense of humour. When I think of Geth I think of jokes, pranks and wind-ups.”

Dan Wheldon Memorial Karting (YouTube)

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Comment of the day

Puffy is pleased to see Romain Grosjean get a place in F1 next year:

I?m really glad to see this. Grosjean really didn?t get a fair shake at his F1 career the first time around and he?s shown this year in GP2 that he really deserves to be given a proper shot in F1. While Petrov has show some improvement this year, I don?t think he?s really done enough to justify keeping his seat at Renault over someone like Grosjean.

I was concerned when it was announced that Kimi got a drive that Grosjean would be overlooked in favour of the financial backing that Petrov brings, but I really think this is a positive move from Renault.


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