Sebastian Vettel, Red Bull, Milton Keynes, 2011

Vettel: “Pushing hard to finalise 2012 car”

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In today’s round-up: Sebastian Vettel says the team is working hard on next year’s car.


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Sebastian Vettel already focused on making 2012 Formula 1 campaign even better (Autosport)

??These kinds of seasons don’t happen every year but we’re already focused on next season. Adrian [Newey] and the guys are working hard to get the car ready for next year and we move on.

??Being 24, it would be sad to say that has been the highlight of my life and from now on it only gets worse! Even if I retire one day I will still wake up in the morning and think that my best day is still to come.??

Mark Webber says results not age will decide his Formula 1 future (Autosport)

??Mark Webber says his decision on when to retire from Formula 1 will not be based on his age, but on whether he is still delivering results.??

Paul Di Resta: ??Vettel won because he had the best car?? (James Allen)

??We had the same car, same engine, same tyres and I beat him. I don?t want to diminish Vettel?s achievement (this year), but he won the championship because he had the best car. He did his job, but another driver in the same car would probably have achieved the same results. I hope one day to have the same opportunity.??

Mark Webber Challenge raises a million dollars for charity (James Allen)

??The Swisse Mark Webber Tasmania Challenge has drawn to a close after a five gruelling days, in which Webber himself competed in the early stages.??

Mark Webber via Twitter

??Love driving late at night on English A roads in the winter,high beam on,no big kangaroos jumping out,and turbos loving the cold air. #apexs??

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Comment of the day

The 2011 F1 driver rankings has caused a fiery discussion. Estesark says:

I can?t believe you put X driver ahead of Y driver. Y was miles better. This list is rubbish and you clearly don?t know anything about F1. I?m never visiting this website again. In fact I?m never using the internet again. I hope you?re happy, ??Keith??, if that is your real name; you?ve ruined my life.


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Happy birthday!

Happy birthday to Andrew Hey and Christian Andrade!

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On this day in F1

Happy birthday to Emerson Fittipaldi who turns 65 today.

Coincidentally, so does Renzo Zorzi, who made seven F1 starts in the mid-seventies.