Alguersuari and Buemi react to losing seats

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In the round-up: Alguersuari and Buemi describe their disappointment at losing their places in F1.


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Jaime Alguersuari: “I am not a victim…” (Adam Cooper)

“Just a week after winning the Challenge das Estrelas in Florian???polis I talked with Helmut Marko and Franz Tost and they told me they had plans for me in 2012.”

Buemi ‘fell from the sky’ after losing seat (GP Update)

“I was in the simulator yesterday morning at Red Bull Racing in Milton Keynes, where Franz [Tost] and Helmut [Marko] called me…”

Sebastien Buemi via Twitter

“Thanks a lot for all your support! It is now time to head toward a new direction!”

Ferrari to run new car in first test (Autosport)

Luca Colajanni: “The new Ferrari F1 car will be presented in early February, in time to take part in the first test session ahead of the season.”

Paul Di Resta deal earmarks him as force to be reckoned with (The Times, subscription required)

“Vijay Mallya, the billionaire Force India co-owner, was at Silverstone [on Wednesday] to finalise details of the line-up for 2012, when Di Resta is expected to lead the team.”

Timo Gans (Nico Hulkenberg’s press officer) via Twitter

“My understanding is, that it seems most likely, that there will be no announcement [Thursday], but probably [Friday].”

Mark Webber column (BBC)

“I won in Brazil, relegating Fernando [Alonso] to fourth. He’s an intense competitor but I don’t think he was that unhappy about losing out by one point. I got a text message from him the day before I was going to India, reminding me that I had to go. It was along the lines of: ‘This is your captain speaking, your flight is ready for boarding.’ It made me smile.”

F1 Fanatic via Twitter

“[Bernie] Ecclestone on KERS (in the #F1 annual foreword): ‘It costs a lot and all the public know is it doesn’t work sometimes.'”

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Comment of the day

Should Toro Rosso serve only as a ‘rookie farm’ for Red Bull? GT_Racer says no:

If Red Bull want a ‘Rookie training school’ then buy a GP2 team. Running an F1 team like that is wrong.

Like we have seen with Jaime Alguersuari, they put him in the car with no testing (not even any Friday running) at age 19 and almost certainly moved him into F1 before he was ready. He?s then put under more pressure than its really ideal considering his age/experience, He shows improvement year on year and at the point when he looks like he’s really got F1 figured out and was showing massive improvement they throw him to one side.

If Toro Rosso had retained Jaime I’d have marked him out as someone to really watch for 2012 and if he finds a ride elsewhere I still think he will prove just how good he is and how good he will become as he gains more experience.

From the forum

Happy birthday!

Happy birthday to Johnny86 and Ovviamente!

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On this day in F1

Two years ago today Felipe Massa made his testing comeback after sustaining injuries at the Hungaroring. He drove a Ferrari F2007.

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69 comments on Alguersuari and Buemi react to losing seats

  1. It’s a very odd way to go about running an F1 team.

    If Toro Rosso only exists to serve as a feeder team or a training school for Red Bull Racing, we’re going to have many situations like this where one or two top drivers have been found, and they’ll stay in the RB cars for many seasons, meaning that the Toro Rosso rookies have no-where to go after 2 years, and are pushed aside to let other rookies have a go.

    The teams around Toro Rosso… Force India and Sauber, are battling what is seen as a nursery school team… a second-tier operation. That’s a bit of a downer, isn’t it? And any driver who sits in a Toro Rosso is doomed to be kicked out at any point (given Toro Rosso’s history) unless they are better than Sebastian Vettel, which is going to be a rare occurrence.

    And if you were Dietrich Mateschitz, would you not want the two teams you were sponsoring running 1-2-3-4, rather than 1st-3rd and 11th-12th?

    I know that RB and TR have to be separate entities now, but there’s nothing stopping Red Bull pumping more money (they’ve got enough of the stuff) into Toro Rosso and allowing them to hire whoever is second best behind Adrian Newey, and probably fiddling it behind the scenes so that you have Adrian Newey designing both cars anyway.

    But no, instead we have what is essentially a waste of two spaces on the grid with a team who doesn’t want top drivers (because they’re either not good enough and ditched, or too good and passed on), doesn’t want to progress further up the grid, and is denying a future Jordan or Stewart or Sauber from joining F1 and trying to make good.

    As has been said above, if you want a place to train your drivers for F1, go and buy a GP2 team, a GP3 team, a Renault World Series team, an Auto GP team… hell, even an IndyCar team… anything. Because (barring Indycar) That’s what they’re for! Just don’t take up two valuable spaces on the F1 grid with what you deem to be in a second tier within the category, because it’s unfair on the drivers you hire, it’s unfair on the teams around you, it’s unfair on the sport and it’s unfair on any teams wanting to move into F1 for whom there isn’t any space.

    My new least favourite team, behind even Ferrari: Toro Rosso.

    • damonsmedley (@damonsmedley) said on 16th December 2011, 14:02

      I agree that it’s quite unusual, but I don’t think they’re my least favourite team!

      It’s just that the teams are holding onto their drivers and despite the fact Toro Rosso is giving young drivers a chance, they have no-where to go when everyone else is happy with their line-ups. I think Toro Rosso are in it for the same reasons as everyone else, and they do want the best for the team rather than to just give young drivers experience. That’s why they gave up on Sebastien and Jaime and gambled on two young talents.

  2. antonyob (@) said on 16th December 2011, 10:17

    i dont want to labour the point but i dont understand how stating a team is wrong to follow a policy of employing good potential drivers, giving them a good go and then trying some new ones, is a good comment!

    Its a far purer policy then employing someone because they come with a backpocket full of money and i applaud their bravery. It could easily smack them in the face and the easy way is just to continue the status quo.

  3. antonyob (@) said on 16th December 2011, 10:24

    any more Labouring and i’ll be giving birth to Neil Kinnock… but its not just me who disagrees with you and the esteemed COTD, its the whole of Red Bulls senior F1 management team.

    New favourite team: Torro Rosso !!!!!!

  4. antonyob (@) said on 16th December 2011, 11:03

    If the internet had been around when Williams routinely sacked world champions then i think it would have exploded !

  5. Tifoso1989 (@tifoso1989) said on 16th December 2011, 13:57

    “Jean-Eric Vergne has conceded that Scuderia Toro Rosso team-mate Daniel Ricciardo may have the edge on him at the start of next year, but hopes he can develop quickly to catch him up.”
    the new VETTEL admit that a he is the n°2 driver before even driving the car when he tested the RB7 he said that he will be no worse than mark webber ……………

  6. sharmin. (@spartle) said on 16th December 2011, 15:04

    I wonder who will take place as reserve driver for RB and Toro Rosso. I’d love it if Alguersuari did because that’d be a possible opening for Toro Rosso in 2013 if Webber was to leave RBR.

  7. Buemi got the call while he was in the simulator? Wow, that must have been a kick in the teeth. I wonder if he was escorted from the premises after…

  8. TheJudge (@thejudge) said on 22nd December 2011, 0:45

    I’m happy for Ricciardo,but what don’t understand is why Vergne was handed the seat? He showed up from nowhere.
    But talking about the outsted of Buemi and Jaime,it’s a harsh sittuation for them now. Algersuari performed great for STR,and he seemed to become a rising star in F1,but now he has almoast no options as well as Buemi. Only two vacant seats are wideley contested with more than 6 or 8 drivers standing in line for those places. Most of those drivers has financial backing to offer,but these two only had RedBull.
    This is very sad ,but these guys showed a professional attitude and reaction of the news. Can’t imagine what they are feeling now.
    Anyway,It would be a shame for F1 to lose tallents like them now. Best of luck for both of the guys.

  9. Lucas_A_Munro said on 26th December 2011, 22:31

    Keith, I got the new MotoGP 10/11 game yesterday and I was playing it and was thinking about Alguersuari, Buemi and Sutil losing their seats in F1, and also how Grosjean lost his seat at the end of 2009 but is coming back after his success in GP2. So I was reflecting on that whilst playing my career as ‘Lucas Revington’ (Made up surname) on the 125cc’s in ‘Team Britalia’ and thinking about the second and third classes and I had a brainwave. Toni Elias returned to the second MotoGP class in 2010, the newly formed Moto2 category with Gresini, and he became the first champion so it kept him on the radar of LCR for 2011 and ultimatley, they signed him but he didn’t have the season he wanted due to being unable to get any feel from his bike, so they dropped him and signed his successor as Moto2 champ, Stefan Bradl. Now Toni is going back to Moto2 for another chance to prove his worth with Aspar. My point is, with there being GP2 and GP3 supporting F1 on most race weekends, and with 125cc (Moto3 in 2012) and Moto2 always coming to the same weekends bar the US Grand Prix at Laguna Seca, it gives many riders a chance to prove themselves that they deserve a seat in MotoGP, so why not make the GP3 and GP2 Series come to every race weekend in F1 and let it keep people such as Jaime, Seb and Adrian on the radar as well as bringing up the young guns?

  10. I value the blog article.

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