Sauber C30 launch, Valencia, 2011

Sauber to launch C31 at Jerez

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In the round-up: Sauber reveal the launch date for the 2011 F1 car.


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F1 Fanatic via Twitter

Sauber will reveal their C31 in Jerez on February 6th. Added to the F1 Fanatic Google calendar.

Bernie Ecclestone says Formula 1 will not be big in the United States (BBC)

“Formula 1 will not be big in America. But Formula 1 will be in Russia for 2014, and in South Africa by 2013 even.”

Timo Glock via Twitter

“Great to have Nico Hulkenberg back on the F1 grid! Looking forward to the driver briefings! congrats Timo Gans and Nico Hulkenberg.”

Button on battling Webber (MotorSport)

Mark [Webber] doesn?t give you a millimetre more than you need. He?s the toughest nut, and he takes more risks than the others.”

Mike Gascoyne via Twitter

“Great week. Renaming as Caterham F1 Team on Tuesday and today our first chassis, CT-01 passes all FIA homologation test. Well done all.”

Sky Sports F1 – Pre-Season Shoot (YouTube)

F1 Fanatic via Twitter

“Silverstone says its development plan has been approved by Aylesbury Vale and South Northamptonshire Councils.”

James Calado via Twitter

Bahrain twice.. Stupid.”

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Comment of the day

Glump asked why try to rank the F1 drivers when we already have a championship points table – and Dobin1000 responded:

Because humans are curious; we love to talk about “what ifs”. If you don?t care then that is fine, but other people want to try and work out what would happen if you could separate them.

[…] There is no right answer. If it was pure scientific fact then there would be no debate or discussion and that is what the championship table is for ?ǣ pure numbers with no emotion or subjectivity to determine who takes the grand prize.

If F1 was only about the winner then why are there 16 or so drivers bothering to compete who have an infinitesimally small chance of winning unless something extremely unlikely happens? Because F1 is first of all about the sport: drivers racing.

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Happy birthday!

Happy birthday to Daniel Hayes and Kate!

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On this day in F1

The Natal Grand Prix, a non-championship race, was held for the first time 50 years ago today at the Westmead circuit in South Africa.

Jim Clark repeated his victory from a week earlier in the Rand Grand Prix, the Lotus driver finishing over half a minute ahead of Stirling Moss. Jo Bonnier was third again for Porsche.