Bernie Ecclestone, Singapore, 2010

Judge says Ecclestone payments was a “bribe”

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In the round-up: A High Court judge says Bernie Ecclestone’s disputed payment was a bribe.


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Payments by F1’s Ecclestone were a bribe, judge rules (Daily Telegraph)

“Multi-million pound payments made by Formula 1 boss Bernie Ecclestone relating to the sale of the sport in 2005 amount to a ‘bribe’ according to a High Court judge.”

HRT: Signing Alguersuari is unlikely (GP Update)

Luis Perez-Sala: “It would be a dream and the best Christmas present if we had him, but it is not really realistic because we already have a waiting list of other drivers.”

Why this F1 car will be at the Autosport Engineering show (Racecar Engineering)

“RA107-5 already had quite a history it was raced by Rubens Barrichello in the 12 last of the 17 races in the 2007 Formula 1 season, starting with the Canadian Grand Prix, and clocked up over 8000 racing kilometres. It was then used for winter testing. The chassis then went on loan to Super Aguri (and run as the Super Aguri SA08), before being returned to Honda. The car was then decommissioned and set up as a simulator by Brawn GP, who subsequently sold the car to one of its employees.”

Senna Movie – the awards, and the story, so far (Facebook)

“Senna has come a long way since its release – here is the story so far, including the major awards and nominations achieved by the movie and the team to date.”

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Comment of the day

Hardly anyone was placated by the BBC’s explanation for their deal with Sky. Here’s CRM:

The annoying thing for me is that the BBC threw away two years of full coverage of all races to jump into this deal. If they had let their five year contract to show every race run to the end and then negotiated this I would have said fair enough.

The way they got out two years early to save money makes it unacceptable to me.

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Happy birthday!

Happy birthday to Arun Srini and fastmovingthoughts!

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On this day in F1

Renault announced a contract extension for Vitaly Petrov on this day last year, confirming the Russian would remain with them for two seasons.

However he only completed one year of the deal before being replaced by Romain Grosjean.