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Domenicali says Ferrari still support cost controls

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In the round-up: Ferrari say they want to keep costs down in F1 despite having quit FOTA.


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Ferrari committed to F1 cost cuts (Autosport)

“We have a situation where we need to control the costs and to make sure that it [the Resource Restriction Agreement] is enforceable and police-able. So the first point is to understand what is happening with the RRA now. The second point is to discuss with the major teams what the best solution is. This is a priority. So far, we have had a year or maybe two years with a lot of discussion and not a lot of results.”

Q&A with Force India’s Nico Hulkenberg (F1)

“I have seen the car already. But over the winter months the teams are always a little in the dark, because you don?t know where your competitors stand.”

Formula 1 needs influx of American drivers to be successful in the U.S. (Sports Illustrated)

Eddie Cheever: “I don’t think Formula 1 can be successful in America without an American driver, but there are a lot of Ferrari fans who follow the sport everywhere and there are American Formula 1 fans. There would be a lot more success with American drivers.”

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Comment of the day

Chris Goldsmith on McLaren’s season:

Half the problem for the McLaren drivers this year was the sheer dominance of Vettel. Vettel got virtually every ??best finish? in the Red Bull this year, while the McLaren drivers shared their wins between them. Had Vettel and Webber been sharing the wins between them, then a single dominant driver in the McLaren could potentially have won the championship.

Red Bull had as close as you can realistically get to a perfect season. It was the unflappable reliability of the car, the precision and skill of the mechanics, and the relentless speed of their star driver, which all came together to create a package which was almost unbeatable.
Chris Goldsmith

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On this day in F1

Michael Schumacher announced his F1 comeback two years ago today.

Since then he has started 38 races for Mercedes, managing a best finish of fourth on four separate occasions.