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Lowe: DRS removes need to change aerodynamics

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In the round-up: McLaren’s technical director Paddy Lowe says DRS has removed the need to alter car aerodynamics to improve overtaking.


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Better racing – but is it fake? (BBC)

Paddy Lowe: “What’s great [about DRS is] at least we can move on from this debate of trying to change the aerodynamic characteristics of cars to try to improve overtaking. We’ve found something much more authoritative, much cheaper, easier and more effective, and adjustable from race to race.”

Newey: Red Bull can still improve (Autosport)

“All through pre-season testing you are never really quite sure, and it certainly seemed that Ferrari were going to be our main rivals, and McLaren were struggling with their exhaust system. But they did a painfully good and quick job of copying ours between the last test and the first race, so their performance in Melbourne was unexpected.”

Massa still quick – Todt (ESPN)

“Stefano [Domenicali’s] role is the eye of the storm. I was also constantly the subject of criticism and I’m proud that in the end I made the decision about how I should retire after all the risks that I would be fired.”

Maldonado: Impossible for Williams to be worse in 2012 (Crash)

“I believe that was the worst position for a rookie [to be in], when nothing works, especially in the first year, [as] you have to learn many things.”

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Comment of the day

Steph thinks Jarno Trulli is wrong about Vitaly Petrov and Bruno Senna:

I genuinely think Trulli is wrong. Petrov was a lot more consistent this year and I think has potential and a decent amount of speed. Senna came in and was bang on the pace. He was inconsistent but he did on occasion show speed which was impressive given his time out.

Plus, the Renault was just awful this year. Who cares whether they?re pay drivers? So was Lauda at one point. You need a decent amount of money just to be able to buy a kart never mind get into F1 and that?s the real problem not whether these guys are talented or not because to me, they are.

From the forum

The game’s been out several months now, so how?s your F1 2011 career going?

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On this day in F1

Mike Spence was born on this day 75 years ago.

He was 31 when he got the chance to replace the late Jim Clark in Lotus’s entry for the Indianapolis 500. Tragically, Spence was killed when he hit the wall while driving his team mate’s car during practice.