Alexander Rossi, Lotus, Abu Dhabi, 2011

Alexander Rossi says he’s getting closer to F1

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In the round-up: Alexander Rossi says his 2011 campaign improved his chances of reaching F1.


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Rossi ‘many steps closer to F1’ (Crash)

“2011 was great year of hard work and many new successes and we are now many steps closer to F1.”

Di Resta predicts Force India progress (Autosport)

“If you see the difference from where we started this year to where we moved on to, it has been incredible.”

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Comment of the day

Toro Stevo on how ever-improving reliability is affecting Formula 1:

I?m not surprised that the numbers of DNFs due to mechanical issues is dropping. It was becoming clear at Valencia when everyone finished, and where the mechanical DNFs for the top three teams over 19 races can be counted using just fingers. Just one example, Red Bull have had just two DNFs due to mechanical reasons in two years.

I?m happy the number of potentially injury-causing accidents due to mechanical error is dropping. However the ability for some of the smaller teams to get a taste of success and TV time is diminishing. None of the smaller teams get that rare race meeting where enough mechanical issues occur to give them a chance.

In the last 17 races only five drivers have finished on the podium, and only 6 drivers have finished in the top four in that time (Schumacher?s fourthin Canada being the only time the Vettel, Hamilton, Button, Webber and Alonso stranglehold was broken). By the end of the season, I was just hoping that anybody, even Massa, would drag themselves onto the podium, just so the post-race press conference would have somebody different.

It probably has a lot to do with minimal car and engine development that is allowed. It?s encouraging more conservative car design.
Toro Stevo

From the forum

Lada are set to return to the WTCC

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