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Williams loses title sponsor AT&T

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In the round-up: AT&T ends its title sponsorship of Williams.


Top F1 links from the past 24 hours:

Williams seeking new title sponsor (Reuters)

“Media reports indicated the AT&T deal had been worth around $7m a season, a comparatively small sum compared to title sponsorships at many other teams but still an important contribution to the overall budget.”

A sign on who gets the Williams seat? (F1Enigma’s Insider Notebook)

“Another telecommunications company for title sponsorship could be… Embratel, who sponsors [Bruno] Senna. Embratel [has supported] Senna since 2006. Is this a sign on who gets the second seat?”

The politics within McLaren (Joe Saward)

McLaren and Mercedes are now entirely independent of one another, although the F1 engine supply continues. The difference is that in 2013 the team will have to pay for its engines, as Force India does.”

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Comment of the day

Rsp123 on the chances of another Bahrain Grand Prix cancellation:

The political situation on the island state has degraded again, and there is yet more violence as the regime seem to have abandoned pledges they made only a few weeks ago. The US magazine Foreign Policy has the story here, Guardian coverage here.

We should be careful about over-egging the pudding here, but the status of the GP in Bahrain is something of a canary in the coal mine when it comes to Bahrain. The king has been received warmly by David Cameron twice (that we know of) in the last year, and his regime still enjoys international support, especially from the Saudis ?ǣ who have sent troops to help put down the protests. Why? because the protestors are largely (but by no means wholly) Shia muslims who have long endured a second-class status in Sunni-dominated Bahrain for many years.

Anyway, after last year?s cancellation, and given that the much-trumpeted “reforms” of the Bahraini government seem to have been all mouth and no trousers, who could possibly think that the FIA, the teams, and especially the sponsors, would want to go ahead with the race? It would be a disgrace.

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