Bahrain International Circuit, 2004

Bahrain circuit reinstates employees fired for joining 2011 protests

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Bahrain International Circuit, 2004
Last year's Bahrain Grand Prix was cancelled

The Bahrain International Circuit has announced that its employees who were fired for participating in last year’s protests have been reinstated.

Chief Executive of the Bahrain International Circuit Sheikh Salman bin Isa Al-Khalifa said: “The reinstatement of our BIC colleagues is part of an important initiative towards national reconciliation and unity for the kingdom as a whole.

“I therefore welcome back our colleagues into the BIC family as we now look to focus on the future and the important job at hand.

“The Bahrain International Circuit, and in particular the Formula 1 Grand Prix, is of huge significance to our country, acting as a strong unifier, given the support it receives from all sections of Bahrain society. I now look forward to working with all BIC colleagues to ensure that we continue to provide world class track events, which every citizen of Bahrain can be proud to support.”

The circuit has not confirmed how many employees lost their jobs or how many have returned. Accounts at the time suggested at least 28 people had been fired, some were tortured and imprisoned, while others fled the country.

The Bahrain Grand Prix is scheduled to take place on April 22nd. Last year’s race was cancelled after the Bahrain government violently suppressed protests by pro-democracy campaigners.

2012 Bahrain Grand Prix

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