Ferrari: 2012 “very important” for future of F1

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In the round-up: Ferrari’s Stefano Domenicali says 2012 is a “very important” year for F1 as teams face discussions over the Concorde and Resource Restriction Agreements.


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Resource Restriction Still Active, Says Domenicali (Speed)

“Clearly this is a very important year and we are all aware of that. It is equally clear that there is only one offer on the table, given that no alternative solutions were ever established.”

‘We put our faith in FIA over Bahrain GP’ (Daily Telegraph)

Domenicali: “I think we need to trust [the FIA]. Maybe the experience [of last year] will give a different approach to that and the information will be more accurate.”

Domenicali: “No one works with the team like Fernando does” (Ferrari)

“I can honestly say that, in over 20 years at Maranello, I have never seen anyone spend so much time here with the team as [Fernando Alonso] has done.”

Montezemolo at Wrooom: “Not a pretty car? It can look lousy if it?s quick!” (Ferrari)

Luca di Montezemolo: “Domenicali said the car would not be pretty? I?d like it to look lousy: I say that provocatively because I want it to be a winner.”

Lotus reactive ride height is legal (Autosport)

“The fact that the driver is not involved, and that the system is a part of the suspension, means it complies fully with the F1 regulations.”

Meanwhile in Valencia (Joe Saward)

“HRT has moved its racing team into a warehouse in the western industrial suburbs of the city of Valencia, Spain, having failed to get the local government to provide it with one of the old America?s Cup bases in the harbour area.”

Romain Grosjean: “It?s always something special to sit in a new car for the first time” (Lotus)

“The French fans have been waiting for a while to have a driver to follow in Formula 1 and now there are three of us. Grand Prix is of course a French term, so the country certainly has a lot of history within the sport! Hopefully we can help develop support for Formula 1 in France again.”

Recognition of the FIA by the IOC (FIA)

“Jean Todt, President of the FIA, will be sending a letter to the 129 national sporting club members of the FIA, inviting them to respect and share the values of the Olympic movement.”

Red Bull boss Christian Horner defends Toro Rosso sackings (BBC)

Christian Horner: “Both [Sebastien] Buemi and [Jaime] Alguersuari had the support of Red Bull to enter F1 and had been supported in Buemi’s case for three seasons and in Alguersuari’s two and a half seasons, and during that time it enables you to form a picture of how the guys are developing.”

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Comment of the day

I’m sure Rumfresh speaks for all of us on the latest news about Robert Kubica:

Truly terrible news. This whole Kubica saga has been incredibly sad. To see such a talented driver suffer so much, it?s very hard to bear.

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