Fernando Alonso, Robert Kubica, Silverstone, 2010

Kubica is the best F1 driver, says Alonso

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In the round-up: Fernando Alonso calls Robert Kubica F1’s best driver and praises the standard of competition in F1.


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Alonso backs Kubica return (Daily Telegraph)

“For me the best driver is Robert Kubica. I spoke with him yesterday after his accident. When he returns, which will surely be soon, I?m sure he will continue to be the best driver.”

Ferrari’s Fernando Alonso is excited by F1 golden era (BBC)

“It is great years we are having. We just need to enjoy [them] because we don’t know how long we can be racing for these championships and how many times we will see this number of champions there.”

Ferrari has own reactive height system (Autosport)

“High-level sources at Ferrari have confirmed that the Italian outfit has already been working on developing its own reactive ride height system for 2012 ?ǣ and has submitted its plans to the FIA to ensure that it fully complies with the regulations.”

Fry has freshened up Ferrari, says Alonso (Reuters)

“Already last year, we began to see improvements in all areas compared to the past, but then we stepped up a gear again in the second half of the 2011 season, with a more efficient way of working.”

Fernando Alonso calls for more Formula One testing (Herald Sun)

“It would be like forcing [Lionel] Messi to train with a racket rather than a ball or Rafael Nadal with a table tennis bat.”

Alonso and privacy (Ferrari)

“It?s the first time that I find myself the subject of rumour and gossip at this level and I find it very disappointing. [Ex-wife] Raquel [del Rosario] and I had asked for our private life to be respected, but just a few hours after the announcement of our separation, we began to read so many sad things and some of them were almost funny they were so absurd.”

I?m Feeling Strong And Motivated, Says Massa (Speed)

“The design of the new car is very different to those of the past, and also the fact that we should have softer compound tires should work in favour of my driving style.”

Best wishes Robert (Renault)

Eric Boullier: “It is sad to hear that he has suffered this setback. On behalf of everyone at Lotus Renault GP, I would like to wish Robert a quick recovery.”

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Comment of the day

Electrolite on F1 car design in 2012:

I?ve been looking into (and trying to get my head around) some of the rule changes for next year regarding car design. It somehow makes me more confident in Mercedes, as the W02 nose seems to be closer to what a 2012 nose might look like than the other 2011 cars. They also seem to have less to lose at the back end of the car regarding the exhaust-blown diffuser and indeed their rear suspension was meant to be pretty advanced.

It?s also possible the cars could get really ugly, if they end with noses as extreme as Craig Scarborough seems to be predicting.

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Happy birthday to Ace and Kei!

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On this day in F1

Nelson Piquet officially announced his retirement from Formula 1 on this day in 1992.

The three-times champion had ended the previous season as team mate to an up-and-coming young driver named Michael Schumacher.