Jenson Button, Autosport International, 2004

Caption competition 1: Jenson Button

Caption competitionPosted on Author Keith Collantine

Jenson Button, Autosport International, 2004
Jenson Button, Autosport International, 2004

Having previously noticed the popularity of the caption competition thread in the forum I decided it was time to give the idea a slot of its own on the website.

And as today sees first public day at Autosport International I thought we should start things off with an earlier picture from the show.

Here’s Jenson Button at the opening of the 2004 event.

What use could the then-BAR driver find for a massive pair of novelty scissors?

Add your comedy caption in the comments and look out for the best in a future Comment of the Day in the daily round-up.

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  • 171 comments on “Caption competition 1: Jenson Button”

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    1. “We at BAR need to use many special tools to get the car performing the way it such as this special gyrostrobic mass cutter, which has been cleverly disguised as a massive pair of scissors to fool the other teams. “

    2. “I asked for left handed?!”

    3. “Jenson Button shows off his new weight saving device”

    4. You’d never know it from TV, but Formula 1 people are actually really tiny in real life.

      1. Love this

      2. I Chuckled :D

    5. Let’s get this circumcision party started. :)

    6. “Time to clip those Red Bull wings…” *snip snip*

    7. At last Jenson realized that he misunderstood his team manager when talking about big cuts for next season.

    8. “Jenson managed to cut 2 seconds of his lap time”

    9. “Winning!”

    10. “Sorry Williams, I have disposed of that contract.”


    12. “Don’t worry, I still have it.”

    13. “Thanks, but I don’t think these will do. You had better fetch me the big scissors.”

    14. Michael Brown (@)
      14th January 2012, 17:33

      Jenson Button shaves off 1kg

    15. “Now if someone mentions China…”
      “Martin, is this not what you meant when you asked me to undercut Webber?”

    16. As sharp as my racing

    17. Big? You should see my pencil!

    18. Jenson Button – World’s Smallest Driver.

    19. Alan Kirkland
      14th January 2012, 18:37

      Lets clip some Red Bull wings!

    20. “Now Ross, if I you don’t mess with Rubens strategy, to help me become champion, then say goodbye to your little friend.”

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