Jenson Button, Autosport International, 2004

Caption competition 1: Jenson Button

Caption competitionPosted on Author Keith Collantine

Jenson Button, Autosport International, 2004
Jenson Button, Autosport International, 2004

Having previously noticed the popularity of the caption competition thread in the forum I decided it was time to give the idea a slot of its own on the website.

And as today sees first public day at Autosport International I thought we should start things off with an earlier picture from the show.

Here’s Jenson Button at the opening of the 2004 event.

What use could the then-BAR driver find for a massive pair of novelty scissors?

Add your comedy caption in the comments and look out for the best in a future Comment of the Day in the daily round-up.

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    1. After he crashed, Brawn was heard saying: “Jenson isn’t a safe pair of hands”, and Jenson replied: “I’ll show him what a pair of unsafe hands is”.

    2. “Jenson finds the way to cut the performance gap in qualifying”

    3. … and I’m the cat that also ate the canary.

    4. “F1 driver shrinks from six foot to six inches”

    5. Jenson took the idea of the “undercut” far too literally.

    6. “Red Bull taking the tittle in 2012?… nah, they are bullocks”

    7. Sorry Louise (Griffiths), its the chop for you.

    8. “I’m only doing a ribbon-cutting for Head and Shoulders, nothing bad could happen!”

    9. Rumours of Jenson’s 6ft 1in frame turned out to be false.

    10. “Where’s Britney?!!”

      “Dad, where’s your pink shirt collection?”

    11. “A cut above the rest BAR Brawn.”

    12. Jensen’s plan to inspire the 2012 Red Bullocks

    13. “The BAR was set too high so Jenson decided to do something about it.”

    14. “Cutting off all ties to William.”

    15. Thats the last time any sharp metal object goes near his face.

    16. Takuma Sato’s nosehairs = sorted!

    17. Jenson prepares his team for this year’s aerodynamic regulations.

    18. Jenson Button, ensuring he’s in race trim!

      Sorry, that’s terrible.

    19. I didn’t understand what Nick Fry meant when he said that he was in a hedge fund. Now I know and by God there are a lot of hedges at Brackley!

    20. Elliot Horwood
      14th January 2012, 21:19

      “So Jenson Whats On Your Mind?” “Scissors?”

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