Jenson Button, Autosport International, 2004

Caption competition 1: Jenson Button

Caption competitionPosted on Author Keith Collantine

Jenson Button, Autosport International, 2004
Jenson Button, Autosport International, 2004

Having previously noticed the popularity of the caption competition thread in the forum I decided it was time to give the idea a slot of its own on the website.

And as today sees first public day at Autosport International I thought we should start things off with an earlier picture from the show.

Here’s Jenson Button at the opening of the 2004 event.

What use could the then-BAR driver find for a massive pair of novelty scissors?

Add your comedy caption in the comments and look out for the best in a future Comment of the Day in the daily round-up.

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  • 171 comments on “Caption competition 1: Jenson Button”

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    1. snip snip…

    2. People, please cut it out.

    3. “Before my brawn, these were what i used to cut up all my contracts with Williams and BAR, and cut my career into tatters.”

    4. “sorry Lewis, I was told to simplify and add lightness”

    5. First the giant scissors, then come banana peels and green shells

    6. Jenson to Sebastian, “Aaahh! Red Bull gives you wings? Not anymore!!”

    7. so Mr Fukui, are you sure you want to pull out of F1??

    8. Formula 1 is the hub of “CUTTING EDGE” technology,Here’s jense showing us the next innovative thing to come out of Woking…….

    9. “I’ve tried getting to grips with this new steering wheel but it’s not working guys…”

    10. Jenson Button really hated the hair shampoo advertisement of his!

    11. Hello, ladies, look at your man, now back to me, now back at your man, now back to me. Sadly, he isn’t me, but if he had of continued his childhood dreams of go-karting and not that tiddleywink career, he could be challenge me. Look down, back up, where are you? You’re by the pool at Monaco watching the man your man could be like. What’s in your hand, back at me. I have it, it’s an oyster with two tickets to that thing you love. Look again, the tickets are now a top drive for your man. Anything is possible when your man races cars and not play tiddleywinks. Ihave a large pair of scissors.

    12. ….so this is what they meant by ‘we’ll undercut Vettel ‘….

      ……oh right…yeah..

      ….. I get it now…..!

    13. Where’s that contract?

    14. Jenson decided to take matters in his own hands when the engineers said the BAR needed a short back and sides!

    15. In an effort to reduce weight in the car, Honda has Jenson shrunk to roughly twice the size of a standard scissor.

    16. Oh darn, I’m tired, and not only do I have to drive a BAR, but also hold these stupid scissors for the photo… I wonder if this was part of my contract…

    17. And you thought Lewis was the biggest cut in the team

    18. Oi Vetell…raise that finger one more time!!!!

    19. Time to cut my head and paste it in the Red Bull cockpit for 2012, with the helmet of course.

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