Daniel Ricciardio, HRT, Korea, 2011

Symonds: Exhaust-blown diffuser ban will help small teams

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In the round-up: Marussia’s Pat Synonds expects the F1 field to close up in 2012.


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New diffuser rules ‘help small teams’ (Autosport)

“For small teams like [Marussia] that is not a bad thing. It was difficult to understand and make work, and the new regulations make things a little bit easier.

Horner expects Webber revival (ESPN)

“Mark had a difficult start to the year but he adapted and he worked hard at it and he worked hard to understand the tyres in particular.”

Watson wants Kimi commitment (Sky)

“Tyres, aerodynamics and technology have moved on since Kimi [Raikkonen] was last in the sport in 2009, so it will be difficult. But Kimi is the kind of guy who is ostensibly laid-back, so will take it in his stride.”

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The first-ever Caption Competition was certainly popular – we had over 100 suggestions by the end of the day.

Among my favourites were those from Thatscienceguy, PJ, Steven K, DavidS and Ben Spearpoint.

But my favourite of all was this beautifully simple effort from Calum which you can see on the image. Congratulations to our first Caption Competition winner – look out for a new one coming soon.

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Testing continued ahead of the 2002 season ten years ago today with McLaren heading the times – but Ferrari weren’t at the test in Valencia.