Di Resta scored his best result of the season with sixth

Force India chasing fifth in 2012 ?ǣ Di Resta

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In today’s round-up: Paul di Resta says that Nico Hulkenberg ??should give the team a spark?? for the new season, and that the team are chasing fifth in the Constructors’ Championship.


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Di Resta backing Hulkenberg (Sky Sports F1)

??Paul di Resta has backed Force India’s decision to sign Nico Hulkenberg, saying the German has given the team “a spark”.??

Ben Edwards says BBC would have lost Formula 1 completely but for deal to share coverage with Sky (Autosport)

??New BBC Formula 1 lead commentator Ben Edwards has defended the shared deal with Sky to broadcast F1 in the UK this year, saying that a standalone deal would have been beyond the BBC’s reach.??

Steve Rider urges BBC to show other motorsport as its Formula 1 coverage reduces (Autosport)

??Steve Rider has called on the BBC to broadcast more top-level motorsport in a bid to boost its diminished coverage of Formula 1 this year.??

Martin Brundle via Twitter

??Watch out for two excellent pieces of news regarding Sky Sports F1 this week, with more to follow too.??

Rosberg believes in Brawn (Sky Sports F1)

??Nico Rosberg believes Ross Brawn has what it takes to elevate Mercedes GP to the top of the F1 rankings.??

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Comment of the day

We?ve had our first five-star review of the year, for Peter Warr?s memoirs. TimG says:

The Warr/Mansell relationship is already fairly well documented, but Warr?s memoirs will still be worth a read.

As I understand it, Warr and Mansell came from very different backgrounds and were like chalk and cheese ?ǣ they rubbed each other up the wrong way, and that inevitably coloured Warr?s view of Mansell as a driver (it probably also coloured Mansell?s view of Warr as a team manager). There is, clearly, a degree of truth in Warr?s views ?ǣ Mansell always had a bit of a flare for the dramatic and that sometimes failed to serve his best interests. Crashing out of the lead of the 1984 Monaco GP because he pushed too hard, for example, the needless retirement from the 1991 Canadian GP or the fairly daft do or die move that spun him out of the following year?s race.

But those same qualities and willingness to take a risk led to moments like the 1986 British GP victory, or passing Gerhard Berger around the outside of the Peraltada in Mexico, 1990. They?re different sides of the same coin ?ǣ you don?t get one without the other. It didn?t make Mansell a favourite among all the team managers (who generally want someone to bring the car home), but it made him hugely popular with the fans.

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On this day in F1

Five years ago today Renault and BMW revealed their new F1 cars. The former, reigning constructors’ championships at the time, produced the garishly-coloured R27. They ended the season winless and were eventually beaten to second place in the championship by BMW, who scored more than twice as many points as them.