Ron Howard filming Rush at the Nurburgring Nordschleife


F1 fans are in for another cinema treat following the success of Senna.

Rush, which tells the story of James Hunt and Niki Lauda’s battle for the 1976 world championship, is being filmed by Oscar awarding-winning director Ron Howard.

Howard’s crew have been filming at the Nurburgring Nordschleife, scene of Lauda’s near-fatal crash that year, using cars from the period.

These images show a McLaren M23, Surtees TS19 and a pair of March 761s lapping the Nordschleife. See here for more pictures.

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97 comments on Ron Howard filming Rush at the Nurburgring Nordschleife

  1. wasiF1 (@wasif1) said on 17th January 2012, 1:47

    Who are the drivers?

  2. PaulK (@paulk) said on 17th January 2012, 1:52

    Here’s hoping this can increase F1’s popularity in the US. Maybe even help the Austin GP case.

    • Prisoner Monkeys (@prisoner-monkeys) said on 17th January 2012, 6:08

      I don’t think that’s going to happen Peter Morgan is ardently British, and a staunch supporter of anything and everything Britain has produced. Rush will no doubt lean heavily in favour of James Hunt, the British World Champion.

  3. Shimks (@shimks) said on 17th January 2012, 7:09

    As long as it’s not as bad as Stallone’s film! :D

    I must say again, I was blown away by “Senna”. What an amazingly well put-together film.

    Am I allowed to plug my film review site now? Probably not! But I’ll give it a try!

    Wonderful Cinema

  4. TED BELL said on 17th January 2012, 8:37

    Nobody mentioned how Ron Howards popular Apollo13 made that historical moment into a hollywood moment and although the story of the actual event was for the most part accurate the telling of that moment now will be known for the movie and not for the historical facts.

    I have great concerns about how this movie will unfold. There really hasn’t ever been a movie made about Grand Prix racing that hasn’t been screwed up by the need to dramatise the moment. Knowing the story and having actors play the roles will doom the movie for me. How can anybody ever play Lauda and make it believable?

    Maybe the best racing movie ever is and will be Steve McQueens Lemans. I have heard that the Senna movie is supposed to be good but I am afraid that the truth has been somewhat altered. Not interested at all in that movie as his glory has become more than the man.

    So my guess is that the Howard film will falsely tell the tale of what happened to Lauda and Hunt and will leave real fans dissapointed.

    Documentaries work and docudramas usually don’t.

    • Prisoner Monkeys (@prisoner-monkeys) said on 17th January 2012, 9:14

      How can anybody ever play Lauda and make it believable?

      For one, Niki Lauda is a technical consultant on the film.

      Secondly, he’s being played by Daniel Bruhl. Bruhl was Frederick Zoller in Tarantino’s Inglorious Basterds – a Nazi, and written to be a mild-mannered nice guy despite the fact that Joseph Goebells was trying to turn him into a war hero and a symbol of German national pride, which was about the most difficult role imaginable. And Bruhl pulled it off with ease.

      So my guess is that the Howard film will falsely tell the tale of what happened to Lauda and Hunt and will leave real fans dissapointed.

      Howard and Morgan will no doubt take creative licence in places. But you have to remember that they are taking an entire season of Formula 1 and condensing it down to two and a half hours. They are not making this film for Formula 1 fans. This is not some gift to you and me because we are fans of the sport. They are making a film about a great sporting rivalry, one that may have eluded the public consciousness for years. They are making it for the wider audiences, people who might be interested in seeing the story of two men who fought for the same thing, both knowing that each deserved it, but only one could have it. So what if, when the film does not include Boy Hayje during the Dutch Grand Prix, or Jac Nelleman at the Swedish? It won’t take away from the expeirence.

      • TED BELL said on 17th January 2012, 19:21

        They wouldn’t make the movie if it wasn’t for Formula One Fans…

        What is the estimated number of fans who watch a Grand Prix??? Hundreds of millions….right?? Seems like fans might be interested in any big budget movie production about Formula One.

        I don’t care if the movie has Boy George or Sonja Henning…the story will be told in a fashion that entertains and may be somewhat untrue. Movie fans will get a treat but real race fans will question why bother??

        • Prisoner Monkeys (@prisoner-monkeys) said on 17th January 2012, 22:55

          They wouldn’t make the movie if it wasn’t for Formula One Fans…

          But it’s not being made for Formula 1 fans, because it’s not about Formula 1. Bernie Ecclestone would not give his blessing to a film that is just about the sport, and Howard needed Ecclestone’s blessing to make the film. The racing takes a back seat to the main story – how Hunt and Lauda approached the championship. Most of the film will take place off the circuit.

  5. Sean Newman said on 17th January 2012, 10:36

    Benedict Cumberbatch would be perfect to play James Hunt.

    And what a perfect season to make a film about. It had everything including politics, great racing, fantastic cars, drama and such a close unpredictable finish. I particularly like the contrast between Hunt and Lauda who were exact opposites but such great friends.

    I hope Ron Howard does this justice because it could be the seminal Formula One film.

  6. AndrewTanner (@andrewtanner) said on 17th January 2012, 13:13

    Well this film looks promising but i’m not going to watch it exclusively with the eyes of an F1 fan. It just doesn’t strike me as that sort of film.

  7. there hasnt been a pure race film since Le Mans and before that it was Frankenheimer’s grand Prix.

    Can Ron pull it off?

  8. DarthRaiden666 (@darthraiden666) said on 19th January 2012, 0:21

    This will be worthy of seeing and a Blu-ray purchase as well once its on home release.

  9. Robert Isley said on 21st January 2012, 0:43

    Look at Ron Howard’s “Apollo 13″ movie. Realistic and true to the most minute details of the mission. A great piece of film making and dramatic, even though we know the outcome of the movie, there were people crying in the theatres. Ron will make us F1 fans proud.

  10. just returned from the part built pits set at blackbush hampshire . i was luckily able to see hunt and lauda race at Kyalami in 76 ! . needless to say, cant wait to see a film about these two heroes .

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