Circuit of the Americas, January 6th 2012

Austin organisers say track will be complete three months before race

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In the round-up: construction of the Circuit of the Americas should be completed by August.


Top F1 links from the past 24 hours:

Austin track set for August completion (Autosport)

Chief marketing and sales officer Geoff Moore: “The race is on. Construction is happening six days a week. The paddock buildings are being topped off, work on the main grandstand has started and we are looking at mid-August for completion.”

Sacked Bahraini F1 staff reject new offer (The Times, subscription required)

“Of 27 staff dismissed by Bahrain International Circuit last year, only three have returned to work, despite a royal decree reinstating them that was issued last week by King Hamad bin Isa al-Khalifa.”

Valencia in talks to cut cost of F1 race (Reuters)

“[Race president Alberto] Fabra said he was seeking ‘a substantial cost reduction’.”

Analysis – reactive ride-height suspension (F1)

“An obstacle could have been any need for direct input from the driver – excluding DRS, any driver influence on a car’s aerodynamics breaches the regulations – but this is entirely mechanical and is activated by the brakes’ torque, not the driver. It’s reactive, not active.”

TR7 is fit for action (Toro Rosso)

“Having previously passed various static crash tests, today, our new car, the TR7, passed all remaining FIA crash tests.”

Finding a budget in Formula 1 (Joe Saward)

Ferrari has a special deal and gets 2.5 percent of the overall figure ($12.5 million) and the rest is then split into two different prize funds: the first is divided equally between the top 10 teams, this means that they get around $25 million apiece; the second is based on the performance of the previous season and is divided up on a scale that is detailed in the Concorde Agreement.”

Sutil unsurprised by Senna deal (Sky)

Manfred Zimmermann: “The announcement of Bruno Senna as a Williams driver does not surprise us. For us, that issue was already settled two weeks ago. The negotiations with Williams ended in mid-December due to differing ideas.”

Ferrari races in Qatar (Ferrari)

Marc Gene will drive an F2008 Qatar’s capital Doha on Saturday.

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Comment of the day

One of those “you know you’re an F1 Fanatic when…” comments from Tango:

My wife has taken the habit of looking at the F1 Fanatic calendar to know which week end to book for reunion with her family, so that I am not distracted by F1 while talking to the mother in law. Achievement unlocked!


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On this day in F1

Stirling Moss won the Lady Wigram Trophy in New Zealand on this day fifty years ago. He was again driving his new Lotus 21.

He finished ahead of a quintet of Coopers belonging to Jack Brabham, John Surtees, Bruce McLaren and Roy Salvadori.