Fernando Alonso, Stefano Domenicali, Wrooom, 2012

Caption competition 2: Fernando Alonso

Caption competitionPosted on Author Keith Collantine

Fernando Alonso, Stefano Domenicali, Wrooom, 2012
Fernando Alonso, Stefano Domenicali, Wrooom, 2012

Here’s the second instalment of our new Caption Competition series.

Fernando Alonso sported an interesting new look at Ferrari’s annual media event Wrooom last week.

It’s over to you to supply the caption. Remember to look out for the best in a future Comment of the Day in the daily round-up.

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  1. Look Stefano, I know we need to try some radical ideas for 2012, but this is just ridiculous !!!

  2. no need to this year car is fast

  3. No need to Hide this Years Car is Fast

  4. Fernando’s audition for the Head and Shoulders ad wasn’t quite as convincing as Jensons.

  5. Ferrari once again take technology to new limits with it’s ground braking carbon nano tube crash helmet design.

  6. Alonso took time from his busy schedule to let his hair down

  7. It’s OK folks….. He just spun, this is perfectly normal…

  8. “Anything you can do I can do better!”

  9. Fernando has massive hair and Stefano looks a bit embarrased by it.

    Yeh, I don’t get this game. :)

  10. The FIA has decided to ban driver movements designed to influence aerodynamics – such as Fernando’s suspicious new haircut.

  11. “Yeah bring it Mr. Button! Lets see how sharp your scissors are!”

  12. John Bergqvist (@)
    21st January 2012, 15:25

    “Wow, it’s bracing!”

  13. Unfortunately, it was to late to realise zat ze kers system was wired up to ze seat……

  14. Chris Hopkins
    21st January 2012, 15:27

    Reporter “Stephano, why do you pay Fernando such a massive salary”
    Fernando “Because I’m worth it!”

  15. ‘fronando Alonso needed some time to mullet over, blue just isn’t his car colour any more

  16. “Do you still have those scissors Jenson?”

  17. Only after Ferrari saw their new employee part the Red Sea did they believe they could rule F1

  18. Fernando’s eyebrows were getting out of control…

  19. Testing in wind tunnel gone dreadfully wrong.

  20. Alonso had a hairy time at the Wrooom event

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