Fernando Alonso, Stefano Domenicali, Wrooom, 2012

Caption competition 2: Fernando Alonso

Caption competitionPosted on Author Keith Collantine

Fernando Alonso, Stefano Domenicali, Wrooom, 2012
Fernando Alonso, Stefano Domenicali, Wrooom, 2012

Here’s the second instalment of our new Caption Competition series.

Fernando Alonso sported an interesting new look at Ferrari’s annual media event Wrooom last week.

It’s over to you to supply the caption. Remember to look out for the best in a future Comment of the Day in the daily round-up.

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Image ?? Ferrari spa/Ercole Colombo

188 comments on “Caption competition 2: Fernando Alonso”

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  1. Ferrari further distance themselves from the brazillian…

  2. “Stefano, does my eybrow look big in this”

  3. ken wilkinson
    23rd January 2012, 18:42

    “I said get me a Toupee not a Teepee.”

  4. I don’t know Stefano. I woke up and my eyebrows had done this…

  5. Fernando showing his commitment adapted perfectly to the new “Ugly but hopefully fast” Ferrari philosophy.

  6. Ferrari reveals their version of the “Reactive ride height system”.

    Edit:-FIA bans system.

  7. Dan (@chandoshall3)
    23rd January 2012, 21:22

    “I don’t know, I just took my helmet off and boom!”

  8. “alonso comes out of the closet … ” i hope Lewis likes it”

  9. You know what happen to Samson when he had his hair cut. I will keep mine until I get the WDC for Ferrari.

  10. It turned out that the new driver dietary supplement developed at Ferrari had a debilitating side effect. Fernando felt great and even led at one point, but the helmet just wouldn’t stay on and he was forced to retire with only 10 laps remaining. Nonetheless, Alonso and Domenicali knew they had found the pace; it would only be a matter of time.

    1. @Daniel

      Brilliant one!


      Good allegory!

  11. Ferrari reveal underhand plan to impair visibility of those planning to overtake them in 2012.

  12. FA: “We never really quite got to grips with ‘hot blowing'”

  13. See wot that Stoopid Nose did to my hair???

  14. Domi: Fernando, I guess we can grab Clear Anti-Dandruff to be our sponsor from Lotus soon. hihi…..

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