Kimi Raikkonen makes his F1 return with Lotus


Kimi Raikkonen returned to an F1 cockpit for the first time since 2009 today.

The 2007 world champion drove a Renault R30 in Lotus colours at the Ricardo Tormo circuit in Valencia.

Raikkonen, who sported a new helmet design on his return, had to drive a two-year-old car due to testing restrictions. Lotus will launch their 2012 F1 car on Fenruary 5th ahead of the first test session in Jerez.

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61 comments on Kimi Raikkonen makes his F1 return with Lotus

  1. Rob Wilson (@rob-wilson) said on 23rd January 2012, 20:51

    In non of the pictures is anybody smiling yet this is a great day for Formula 1 and the Lotus team. It’s all too serious, if i was one of those mechanics in that garage i wouldn’t be able to hide my happiness, i would have a big smile on my face as Kimi drove out.

  2. verstappen (@verstappen) said on 23rd January 2012, 21:43

    Nice to have him back. I’m one of those fans…

  3. Prisoner Monkeys (@prisoner-monkeys) said on 23rd January 2012, 22:26

    The R30 was (and still is) a great-looking car.

    I like it better in yellow and black, though.

  4. Nick F said on 24th January 2012, 0:24

    He looks a bit tubby in the pictures. It’s kind of hard to judge and I’m probably being unfair. I mention it though because when he left F1 there was the accusation in the air that he had stopped trying and was bored of the sport. If he had trimmed down over the winter I would have taken that as a sign that he was working hard for the come back and was raring to go.

    This is possibly an unfair thing to pick up on. It’s just that everybody including the drivers spends so much time talking about how important fitness is to drive the cars.

    …Anyway I wish him luck for the season. I hope he is competitive because it will make the season better to watch.

    • megan said on 24th January 2012, 7:14

      Kimi has been keeping fit in WRC. But evenso there has already been many articles with Kimi’s trainer, that he has been busy with F1 training for months, he just drove 80 laps after being out of F1 for 2.5 years, that would be difficult for someone who is unfit.
      I dont know why people particularly questions Kimi’s fitness in any case, he is very athletic person and he always out and about doing something like ice hockey, motocross, snowboarding ext.
      No team has ever said anything about his fitness, just because Kimi isn’t constantly telling people how hard he is training, doesn’t mean he isn’t training at all.

  5. wasiF1 (@wasif1) said on 24th January 2012, 2:54

    Weren’t he was scheduled to run for 23rd as well?

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