61 comments on “Caterham CT01”

    1. Probably the ugliest car of the year …

      I would be astonished to find the McLaren as ugly as this Caterham…

      More sadly they told us they were working on a great car project… saying and seeing the result, we can be nothing else but desapointed…

      1. @chris. i`d have to say 1 of the ugliest f1 cars of ALL time!!! PLEASE mr F.I.A, can we not just have a simple nose design like in the early 90`s? This is just horrid,hope the other 2012 cars are not like this.Bring back sleek, low slung noses as in,say,92.

    2. Well, all I can say is that the way it looks doesn’t matter; an F1 car designed purely for aerodynamic purposes, and all the aesthetics are purely coincidental.
      You don’t design an F1 car to be pretty. You design it to be fast

    1. Why do you say that? Asking out of genuine interest. To me it looks like a low and slight gradient back to the driver, with ridges for the front-suspension. It doesn’t look like there is a barge or step in the bridge of the nose that would create drag.

  1. certainly ugly. and it makes me wonder what we will see from ferrari (they already said their car is not a good looking one), reb bull and mclaren, the top three teams that push the boundaries of the regulations every year.

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