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  1. Definitive not a looker.

    1. Probably the ugliest car of the year …

      I would be astonished to find the McLaren as ugly as this Caterham…

      More sadly they told us they were working on a great car project… saying and seeing the result, we can be nothing else but desapointed…

      1. @chris. i`d have to say 1 of the ugliest f1 cars of ALL time!!! PLEASE mr F.I.A, can we not just have a simple nose design like in the early 90`s? This is just horrid,hope the other 2012 cars are not like this.Bring back sleek, low slung noses as in,say,92.

        1. It was until the Ferrari and Force India car came along!

    2. Well, all I can say is that the way it looks doesn’t matter; an F1 car designed purely for aerodynamic purposes, and all the aesthetics are purely coincidental.
      You don’t design an F1 car to be pretty. You design it to be fast

    3. Killi it, killi it with fire

  2. I hope that Mr Gascoyne knows what he’s doing because that nose cannot be good for reducing drag.

    1. Why do you say that? Asking out of genuine interest. To me it looks like a low and slight gradient back to the driver, with ridges for the front-suspension. It doesn’t look like there is a barge or step in the bridge of the nose that would create drag.

  3. Caterham Crocodile

    1. Nice caption @rpiian, fits the bill!

      1. Good one!! When i saw the picture i had more or less the same idea.

        1. Caterpuss…

    2. Caterham Camel

    3. Surely ‘CaterGator’ is the best term to use if you’re gonna go down that route!

    4. Well, after sitting on this photo for a while and seeing the other photo’s, I think the new nose isn’t terrible. It’s just different.

  4. OMG…..this is as ugly as it gets….

    1. Don’t be so sure, this could be the look for all cars with the new rule involving the height of the news.

  5. Yeh I think all the cars will look like this.

    It genuinely looks like they took last year’s car, got a sledgehammer and smashed it on the nose.

    Horrid looking thing.

  6. What a nasty looking piece of machinery, that engine cover does it no favours either.

  7. Looks like a Platypus (Ornithorhynchus Anatinus). Weird

    1. Again, Caterpuss! :)

      McLaren will try to produce an ugly car, then cover it in silver. Then it will look passable.

  8. *insert Jeremy Clarkson-esque outburt of horror, shock and disgust here*

    Worse looking car since the 09 BMW? The nose just doesnt fir the rest of the car!

  9. If all the cars, are going to look like this, this year,then I’m glad I can only watch 10 races this year, I think I’ll retire my F1 watching career, and sign a contract to go to Indycars.

    1. Yeah, because how the carslook is the most important aspect of F1.

      Sheesh, some people…

  10. I had a mini-sick

  11. Maybe they stuck the nose on with super-glue and didn’t get it lined up properly first…..

  12. What a weird design.

    I cannot weigh up why you would step the nose, surely a smooth transition would make more sense?

  13. Jim Livingstone
    25th January 2012, 14:05

    Maybe this is more aerodynamic than a drivers helmet so it pushes the air up over the helmet thus reducing overall drag?

  14. certainly ugly. and it makes me wonder what we will see from ferrari (they already said their car is not a good looking one), reb bull and mclaren, the top three teams that push the boundaries of the regulations every year.

  15. Reminds me of a John Deere lawn mower.

    1. Good one too, this colors with the funny nose will generate many nicknames…

  16. Ugly,ugly,ugly. From the side view it looks liike a green sauber from 2010

  17. It looks like that can be a good middle field car… ugly but maybe it will work.

    !!revised nose regulations for 2012 sucks…. !!

    1. @ brombillaf1 “a good middle field car” It should read- car looks good in the middle of a field! lol.

  18. duck billed platypus! high hopes this isnt the solution the rest converge on. its unlikely thankfuly being as its a craterham (sic)

  19. It’s horrible, it looks like an Indy car…

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